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Sep 18, 2022
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Replaced, a #taekookau [a/b/o] The prince looks out of the window from the palace's highest tower. His hands grip the letter addressed to him. He holds his breath, looking out into the darkness and thinking about the destruction that is about to fall upon their kingdom.

โ€œMy prince,โ€ his butler bows to him, โ€œthey have reached the capital's gate.โ€ The prince of the Ilseon kingdom shivers, grasps the windowsill, โ€œcannot they wait?โ€ โ€œThe wedding is tonight, my prince,โ€ the butler looks at his prince with worry clear in his eyes, โ€œwhy, may I ask?โ€
The prince holds the letter out for his butler, squeezes his eyes closed when the butler takes the letter to read. โ€œ๐ผ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘‘๐‘œ ๐‘ก๐˜ฉ๐‘–๐‘ , ๐‘‡๐‘Ž๐‘’! ๐ผ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฆ ๐‘ก๐˜ฉ๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘ข๐‘’๐‘™, ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ข๐‘ก๐˜ฉ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘  ๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘›๐‘”. ๐น๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘”๐‘–๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘–๐‘“ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘›.โ€
โ€œPrince Jimin eloped?!โ€ his butler sounds faint, maybe he sways a little on his feet, โ€œoh, my lord! My prince! The king is right outside of the capital! This wedding is the only thing keeping him from attacking this kingdom!โ€ The young prince, Kim Taehyung, nods, โ€œI know.โ€
โ€œWe have to tell your father right away!โ€ the butler, Yong, bows, โ€œplease?โ€ Taehyung looks outside one last time, sees the dark horizon fading with fireworks, and he can faintly hear the hollers of merriment following the king. โ€œYes. We shall. Come on!โ€
โ€œKing Jeon is going to declare war!โ€ his father falls on the bed, shaking his head, โ€œhe is notorious for his wrath and I do not wish that upon our kingdom! Oh, stupid Jimin! How can he run away?!โ€ Taehyung stands, helpless, terrified, โ€œwhat can we do now, father?โ€
His father looks horrified, almost at the verge of a heart attack. He frantically ruffles his hair, thinking. His eyes move from the window to Taehyung and then his eyes widen. โ€œYou!โ€ he springs up, โ€œyou will replace Jimin in the wedding!โ€ Taehyung chokes on his breath, โ€œwhat?โ€
โ€œYes! My son! Yes!โ€ The king's eyes glisten with relief, โ€œyou will marry him!โ€ Taehyung shakes his head, โ€œthat is impossible, father! He has seen Jimin. He chose Jimin! He did not even spare me a glance! He came here for Jimin, and how would he not notice that it is me?!โ€
โ€œWe will not disclose it is you,โ€ the king comes to stand right in front of Taehyung, holds his biceps with determination, โ€œmy son! We will present you like the royal groom, face hidden behind the royal attire. He would not know. Once you are married, he cannot back away!โ€
โ€œHe is a royal in true sense,โ€ his father holds his head high, โ€œhe will never back out from the wedding after it is done. He would have to accept you and in return, he would have to respect the treaty between the royal in-laws!โ€ โ€œWhat about me?โ€ Taehyung frowns, โ€œfather?!โ€
โ€œMy life will be a living hell!โ€ Taehyung begs almost, โ€œcannot we tell him the truth and-โ€ โ€œAnd have a war?!โ€ his father roars, โ€œdo you think we can afford that, Taehyung?! Our kingdom is nothing in front of his power! His strength! He will destroy our family and our people!โ€
โ€œWe Kims are the protector of this land,โ€ his father holds Taehyung closer, โ€œour men swear their lives to this kingdom since they are born. Take this as,โ€ his face crumbles, โ€œyour sacrifice, my son. This is your sacrifice for the people and this kingdom.โ€
โ€œYou, only you, can stop the Eagle of the Frostland.โ€ The Eagle of the Frostland. Jeon Jungkook. A name given to him by his enemies. He is the eagle who brings destruction. Leaves a prospering land and its people in nothing but frost. A heart made of ice...
โ€œYou are the winter prince,โ€ his mother holds Taehyung's hands in her, tears brimming in her eyes because she knows what they are asking of him, โ€œyou are the prince of what he spreads. You can do this, Tae, you can win him over.โ€
Taehyung, lovingly called the 'Winter Prince,' by his people because of his birthday being in the December's second last day. Taehyung looks out of the window. He can hear the procession. It is coming near. Taehyung closes his eyes, tears trailing out of themโ€ฆ
โ€œFine,โ€ Taehyung lets out a deep breath, nodding to himself to brace himself for whatever to come next, โ€œI will do this.โ€ His parents share a look of pure pain. They both feel the loss of their two kids, but they are bound to the throne. They have to think as the royals first.
His father claps, nods to his butler, โ€œget the prince ready for the wedding. Make sure his face is hidden properly.โ€ Taehyung follows the servant, his eyes trailing over the known corridors of the palace he grew up in. Because he knows, he might never see this place again.
โ€” Repost of my own prompt I posted a few days ago โ€” Commissioned (my original idea, the commissioner picked it up for me to finish)
โ€œWhat are you doing?โ€ he asks his maids, โ€œit stinks.โ€ His maids share a look, โ€œmy prince,โ€ she hesitated, โ€œyour scent. The alpha might pick up on the scent. We have to cover it.โ€ Taehyung grips his hanbok, nods, โ€œoh. Right.โ€ This is not how he envisioned his wedding.
Walking down the corridors to the wedding chapel, Taehyung holds his breath. His eyes scan the crowd the alpha brought with himself. They are wearing furs and leathers on themselves. All of them look quite a brut as Taehyung passes them one by one. The alpha stands proud.
Taehyung's face is hidden, the order for him is to keep his head bowed too. Just in case. He stumbles on his feet when the alpha's scent carries over to him. The scent of blood. Raw, warm blood. It is nauseating, it makes his blood run cold. Taehyung does not dare to look up.
By the time he sits beside the alpha, he is a trembling mess. He grips his knees, looks down at his whitening knuckles with his teeth pressing down on his lower lip. โ€œDo you want to proceed, my lord?โ€ the priest asks the alpha. โ€œYes,โ€ his voice is gruttal somehow, โ€œI do.โ€
No one asks him. His opinions are not needed. Taehyung nods when they ask him if he takes Jungkook as his alpha, and Jungkook voices his consent loud and clear. โ€œThe mating shall wait,โ€ Jungkook says when the time comes, โ€œI do not wish to bond him till his heat.โ€
Taehyung feels his face heat up. He knows, just by those few words, that this king knows nothing about decency and he would not be treated with class. Jeons are powerful, but not known for their class and status. At all. They are brut. Taehyung knows why Jimin ran away.
No one should talk so openly about their mate's heat cycle. That is the common decency. Taehyung has never seen or heard an alpha who so clearly announces that in the middle of a wedding. He glares down at his hands, gripping the hanbok. โ€œBut,โ€ his father hesitates, โ€œmy lord-โ€
โ€œWithout mating,โ€ he hesitated, clearly red in the face to discuss such a matter among so many, โ€œhe is my son. A prince. You cannot take him back to your kingdom without mating him. What if you decide to never mate him? He will be no better than a concubine!โ€
There is a short laugh, a breathy sound. The alpha's voice comes out cold, dangerous even. โ€œI cannot take him away?โ€ Jungkook's voice shifts again, rage clear in it, โ€œare you challenging me, lord Kim?โ€ Taehyung holds his breath, the alpha's pheromones heavy in the air.
โ€œIf I wish, I can take him as my concubine, and you will have no words in that,โ€ Jungkook murmurs, โ€œdo not forget he is your weapon for the treaty. I can just as well find another, more willing omega to birth my heir. Do you get it? Do not question me and my decisions.โ€
Taehyung knows the moment the alpha finds out he is not Jimin, he will be nothing but a concubine. Without that mating bite, he is nothing but a concubine and he has no hope of respect from this brut. His eyes fill with helpless tears, he looks up at his father, pleading almost.
His father ignores him. Does not even spare him a glance while he bows as deep as he can to Jungkook. โ€œYes, my lord,โ€ he stands up, โ€œas you wish.โ€ Taehyung sits then, ignoring everything else while he thinks of what awaits him when Jungkook figures out who he is.
โ€œGet up, my lords,โ€ the priest smiles, nods at them to stand up for the last ritual. Taehyung takes the ring from his mother and pushes it up Jungkook's middle finger. Jungkook takes the collar. A gold plate with his name engraved on it. He ties it around Taehyung's neck.
Taehyung knows, this would change if they ever mate. Then he will wear the alpha's mark on his neck, and the alpha will finally wear a ring on his ring finger. Taehyung snorts, thinks how he would bet his life on that day never coming. He hopes it does not.
The choker, the collar, whatever it is, it fits snugly against Taehyung's neck. He touches it, feels it under his fingertips, and lets out a sigh. โ€œWith the blessings of the Moongoddess, the ancestors of the Jeons and the Kims,โ€ the priest nods, โ€œI announce you two married.โ€
Jungkook nods, โ€œmy men will have the feast, but I need to leave,โ€ he looks over at Taehyung's father, โ€œI have to reach my kingdom in two days for some private matter. If you can arrange, I will leave tonight itself.โ€ Taehyung bites back a sob, โ€œbut, the rituals say-โ€
Those red eyes shift on his face and Taehyung bows his head right away. He cannot let the alpha see his face. โ€œYou are not to talk against me,โ€ Jungkook murmurs, voice gravelly, โ€œomega. You are not to talk over me, either. Am I clear?โ€
Taehyung frowns at his feet. He has never seen this in his household. His father and his mother were equal here. They run the kingdom together. He does not nod. He does not utter another word. โ€œWe will leave right away,โ€ Jungkook orders, โ€œload his luggage in the carriage.โ€
A/Nโ€” so this is a royal, historical story based around old times (I won't specify but yes, old) and alphas are, in most cases, like this. Also, there will be some weird rituals and stuff, it might not make sense from today's pov but yeah. I hope we can walk around it. x
By the time they leave the kingdom it is already over a day. They start around afternoon and travel till the night. โ€œWe will stop here for the night,โ€ Jungkook calls over his troop, โ€œahead of us, we have the jungle, and it is not safe to cross that at night. Put the tents here.โ€
Taehyung sits in the carriage, watches the soldiers put on the tents and the servants, along with the maids, make the bonfire. The hassle entertains him in his tired state. He watches people start small fires to cook their meals for the night. โ€œCome down, my lord.โ€ A maid says.
โ€œThat is the royal highness' tent,โ€ she leads him to the door, โ€œyou will stay with him. We will get the dinner here when we are done.โ€ Taehyung follows her inside, sits at the edge of the bed and watches through the flimsy curtains how Jungkook moves around the place.
โ€œClean yourself up, my lord,โ€ another maid carries in a bucket of water, โ€œhere are the night clothes. Rest yourself. Tomorrow we have a long journey.โ€ Taehyung nods, watches them leave. With shaky hands, he picks up the clothes and goes to change. The maids wait outside.
By the time he is done, they come back to pick up the dirty water and leave with his hanbok and garments. Taehyung wipes his face, goes still when he smells the alpha nearby. He looks over his shoulder to see the alpha walking inside the tent. His eyes on Taehyung.
Taehyung grips the towel, watches how the alpha drops the curtains and walks up to him. Taehyung feels the chill run down his spine when the alpha stops a few steps behind him. โ€œYou...โ€ Jungkook whispers, โ€œyou are not the prince I was to marry.โ€ Taehyung lets the towel drop.
Jungkook's scent goes sour, the scent of blood thick in the air, โ€œyou are his brother! What-โ€ the alpha whispers, eyes focused on Taehyung, โ€œwhat was your name again...โ€ he frowns, โ€œwhere is prince Jimin?โ€ Taehyung turns fully to face the alpha, โ€œmy lord,โ€ he gulps, โ€œI can-โ€
Jungkook reaches out to grab Taehyung by his elbow, in a quick motion he pulls out his sword to press it right over Taehyung's jugular. โ€œMake it quick,โ€ Jungkook grits out, โ€œbecause, after you, I need to go for your family and kingdom.โ€ Taehyung watches the alpha, โ€œno!โ€
โ€œNo?โ€ Jungkook hisses, his face inches away from Taehyung, โ€œwhat do you mean by no?!โ€ Taehyung holds his ground, ignores how that roar shakes him to his core, โ€œno, you will not go for my family or my kingdom. You will listen to me,โ€ he grips the alpha's shirt.
โ€œYou are not the omega I chose!โ€ Jungkook roars, โ€œI chose your brother! He is the perfect omega, hips made for childbirth, meek enough to take care of them without getting in my nerves. You are nothing like him.โ€ Taehyung feels the fear shift to anger in him, โ€œyou are right.โ€
โ€œI am not him,โ€ Taehyung lets himself smirk, โ€œand, yet, you almighty alpha... you were fooled in front of your entire clan by the Kims. If you now go back there, what respect do you think will be left of you? Huh? People will talk. Say how easily the Kims fooled you into this.โ€
โ€œWhat you can do is,โ€ Taehyung ignores how Jungkook's grip on his elbow tightens, โ€œaccept this and find someone else to bear your pups. I do not wish to bring your bastards in this world anyway! Just hold onto that treaty for your self-respect and I will hold onto mine.โ€
โ€œI can easily get rid of you,โ€ Jungkook grits out, โ€œmy generals would love to have a taste of the royal omega prince, you know?โ€ Taehyung feels the words in his chest, the fear tries to grip him, but he holds his head high. โ€œYou can try,โ€ he matches those red eyes, โ€œalpha.โ€
โ€œAn alpha's worth is tested by the way he treats his omegas,โ€ Taehyung murmurs, โ€œif that is how worthless you are, do so. I do not see how that will be more disgusting than the thought of you touching me.โ€ Jungkook's eyes shift, the grip on Taehyung's elbow loosens a little.
Those eyes roam all over Taehyung's face as if Jungkook is seeing him for the first time. Taehyung holds his ground, keeps the eye contact. โ€œYou realize, the moment we reach the palace, you will be thrown into the harem?โ€ Jungkook whispers, โ€œI will never see your face again.โ€
Taehyung breathes out a snort, โ€œthank you, my lord,โ€ he bows his head a little, โ€œfor blessing me. I will be forever grateful.โ€ The air is tense. More so. There is a shift in Jungkook's scent. Taehyung cannot pinpoint it, but it is there. A heavy, musky smell that lingers.
โ€œI had no say in this decision,โ€ Taehyung murmurs, โ€œfor my country, my parents I chose this. But do not,โ€ he jerks himself free, โ€œdo not for a second think I am weak or I will beg to a brut like you to accept me. I deserve better and I do not need to beg to you to know my worth.โ€
โ€œI was the diamond of my country, and no matter how much of a dirty hand it falls onto, a diamond stays a diamond.โ€ Taehyung holds his head up, โ€œnow you can decide what you want. Excuse me till then.โ€ He goes to sit on the bed, pulling out an oil for his skin.
Taehyung pours it on his palm. He curses mentally when he sees his hands are shaking. He forces himself to stay composed, graceful. He rubs the oil on his arms, pulls his feet up to do the same with them. He keeps his eyes on his hands. Moving gently over his long legs.
The movement is sudden. He shrieks, the bottle dropping between his legs. Jungkook grabs his ankle and pulls it, so Taehyung is jerked forward. Taehyung's hands fly up to grab the alpha's shoulders, nails digging there. Jungkook hovers over him, face inches away.
โ€œYou will call me your alpha,โ€ Jungkook murmurs, โ€œlearn to respect me when I am in the room. Do not speak until spoken to and do not dare to behave like this ever aga-โ€ โ€œI will follow no such rules,โ€ Taehyung lies down on the mattress, watching Jungkook follow him to hover over.
โ€œI will call you my alpha the day you earn that title,โ€ Taehyung holds his neck up, โ€œright now I am nothing but a claimed possession you own. I hate that! I will talk back when you are wrong. Something your parents should have done, so you would not grow into this brut, and-โ€
โ€œI killed my own father,โ€ Jungkook chews out, โ€œI do not know who my mother is,โ€ his voice drops, โ€œand, I do not see you becoming anything more than a possession anyway. Might as well learn your place, omega. Before I crush you on my path too. Am I clear?โ€
โ€œAlso,โ€ Jungkook whispers right over Taehyung's lips, โ€œI will marry someone else because you are not the one I wanted. You will stay in my harem and have no benefits of the royal omega. Am I clear? I will come to you when I wan-โ€ โ€œDo not,โ€ Taehyung stares, โ€œif you want to live.โ€
โ€œI decide who I bed, omega, not you,โ€ Jungkook's eyes flicker over Taehyung's lips and up to his eyes, โ€œI will decide if you will be visited or not.โ€ โ€œSo you force omegas too?โ€ Taehyung murmurs, disgust clear on his face, โ€œa mighty alpha needs to do that? Force himself on them?โ€
As if burnt, Jungkook pulls away. He sits on his knees, his eyes shooting daggers at Taehyung. Taehyung sits up too, fixing his shirt. He watches how pale Jungkook looks. โ€œNo,โ€ Jungkook murmurs, voice void of emotions, โ€œno. I do not force myself on anyone. I am not-โ€ he stops.
The king scrambles out of the bed, turns to comb his hair back from his face, โ€œfuck,โ€ he curses, โ€œI did not mean to get in your personal space,โ€ he curses, โ€œyou are justโ€ฆโ€ he shakes his head, โ€œinfuriating. I did not think-โ€ Taehyung sits on the bed, watching the alpha.
Taehyung watches how the alpha tugs his hair free from the bun. Long, dark hair cascade down his back. Jungkook turns his face just a little to look over his shoulder at Taehyung's direction. Not right at him. โ€œI am sorry,โ€ Jungkook whispers, โ€œI would never force myself on you.โ€
Taehyung holds his breath. โ€œI am a brut, I am very much of a ruthless king, a terrible alpha, but I am not,โ€ Jungkook's back muscles contort, his shoulders taut, โ€œnever that.โ€ Taehyung sits quietly, not sure what to say.
Jungkook rubs his face with both of his hands, โ€œyou will be respected. All omegas in my harem are. You will stay there because as I said, you are not the omega I wanted or ever will. So, I will marry someone else. But you will stay, and the treaty will be intact. Do not worry.โ€
โ€œNo one would touch you if you do not wish for that,โ€ Jungkook murmurs, โ€œI vowed to protect you and keep your honour. I will.โ€ Taehyung snorts, โ€œmy honour will be in dust the moment I cross the threshold of a harem. But, okay. Anything is better than staying as your omega.โ€
Jungkook nods, curt, โ€œwell, we get what we earn. No? You brought this upon yourself.โ€ Taehyung knows that. He cannot argue with that. So, he does not. He sits and watches the alpha stride out of the tent. Jungkook does not come back for the rest of the night.
The Jeon Palace is beautiful. A little intimidating in its grey stone walls and high towers. But behind that wall, stands a beautiful white building for the royals. Taehyung watches it. Mesmerized. โ€œThis will be your room, my lord,โ€ the maid bows, shows Taehyung the room.
Taehyung looks over at the vast balcony. He can see the hills and the Han River right by its side. He goes over to stand by the balcony, a smile on his lips. โ€œYour harem is beautiful,โ€ he whispers to the maid. The maid bows, a little confused, โ€œmy lord? This is not our harem.โ€
She sounds a little surprised at his exclamation, โ€œthis is the royal palace's east wing. You are right now occupying the bed chamber of his highness' childhood. He used to live here until he became the king.โ€ Taehyung blinks, โ€œwhat? Why am I here, then? I was supposed to-โ€
โ€œHis highness said specifically to put you here,โ€ she smiles, โ€œhe lives down the corridor. The last room to the east. If you are needed, you can walk down there. No other room in this wing is occupied except for these two.โ€ Taehyung stares.
โ€œHe sent a letter for you,โ€ she holds it out, โ€œI will take your leave if you do not need me anymore? For now? My lord?โ€ Taehyung takes the letter, โ€œhe can... write?โ€ The maid stops, frowns, a little confused, โ€œwell, he is the golden scholar of our kingdom. Why would he not?โ€
She points at the door by the side of the room, โ€œthat is his library. You have access to it too, my lord. Excuse me now.โ€ Taehyung stares after her for a second before he opens the letter. The handwriting is neat, beautiful, if Taehyung can say so himself.
โ€œ๐ผ ๐˜ฉ๐‘œ๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐˜ฉ๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘›๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘๐˜ฉ๐‘’๐‘  ๐‘ก๐˜ฉ๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘Ž๐‘”๐‘Ž๐‘–๐‘›.โ€ โ€” ๐พ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐ฝ๐‘’๐‘œ๐‘› ๐ฝ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”๐‘˜๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜.
- this is taekook endgame but the journey will make you question it. If you are my reader, you know the deal. lol - If you want to support me, here's my kofi
๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ’” ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Jungkook nods at the letters, signs them one by one, โ€œsend them out. The celebration will begin in a day or two, every kingdom is invited.โ€ โ€œEven the mad king?โ€ Yoosang hesitates, eyes shifting from Jungkook to the letters in his hands. Jungkook nods, โ€œeven him.โ€
Yoosang bows deep, backtracks till the door and leaves. Jungkook places the quill into the ink and leaves it there. He gets up and yawns, stretches, before he sets out for his bedchamber. He walks inside his bedchamber and pauses when he sees the person on his bed.
Jungkook's eyes travel across her almost naked form. Her eyes are on him, those tinted lips curved in a smile that can pass as a smirk too. Her figure is hidden only in a sheer dress that hides nothing. Jungkook rounds the bed, comes to stand at the edge of it to look at her.
โ€œDid I ask for you?โ€ Jungkook starts to unbutton his hanbok, โ€œI do not remember.โ€ She laughs, the sound tingling all around the room like the wind-chime, โ€œno, my lord,โ€ she sits up, leaning back on her arms, โ€œbut, you never have to. I understand your needs better than you do.โ€
Jungkook's eyes travel across her figure. Yoona is the head concubine of this palace. She was a gift to Jungkook from his late father on his 'coming of age' birthday. She is the same age as Jungkook. Jungkook's eyes flicker over to her face, he smiles, โ€œis that so?โ€
Yoona hums, gets on her knees to start unbuttoning Jungkook's hanbok for him. โ€œI know you are tired from all this hassle, my lord,โ€ she spreads her palms over Jungkook's bare chest, โ€œhave not seen me since you left. I know you missed me just as much as I missed you.โ€
Jungkook holds Yoona's hands, โ€œI am married now, Yoona.โ€ Those sharp eyes reflect the lights of the lanterns in the room, โ€œand, where is that omega? I do not see him here to cater to your needs,โ€ then her sharp eyes turn soft, โ€œalso, he has no say in our relationship, my lord.โ€
โ€œYou can have as many omegas as you want, need,โ€ she starts on his trouser, โ€œhe is just to birth the crown prince and that is all he is here for. You, my lord,โ€ she tugs Jungkook closer, โ€œare mine.โ€ Jungkook holds her waist, eyes wandering over her face, โ€œI see.โ€
Yoona tugs the strings of the trousers with skilled hands. Jungkook's eyes flicker over her entire figure, and then he feels those lips on his jaw, slowly trailing down to his throat. Jungkook takes a step away, โ€œas you said, Yoona, I get what I want. I do not want this.โ€
โ€œI am married,โ€ Jungkook turns away to wipe his jaw, โ€œand, I do not wish to cheat on him.โ€ โ€œOn a person who was cheating on you?โ€ Yoona calls after him. Jungkook freezes, his steps haltering. He looks over his shoulder at the concubine. โ€œCome again?โ€
Yoona nods, โ€œI just went to congratulate him for the wedding, and he was in another person's arms,โ€ Yoona comes to stand in front of Jungkook, โ€œthey were,โ€ her face contorts, โ€œin a compromising position too, my lord. That is why I came here to distract you.โ€
Jungkook stares at her, โ€œyou know, lying about the luna of this kingdom will be a punishable crime, right? Are you seriously taking that chance?โ€ Yoona nods, โ€œyes, my lord. Go to him right now, and he will be with that man. If not, he will smell like that alpha. I assure you!โ€
โ€œAlso, why do you expect him to be loyal to you, my lord, when you and I both know he was replaced?โ€ Jungkook stares at her. Yoona nods, โ€œI know. In the harem, spies are everywhere. We know things before the king himself knows. I know he is not the prince you were to marry.โ€
โ€œYou do not know, he probably had a lover,โ€ Yoona makes a sad face, โ€œa life. Before you and his parents snatched it away. Maybe that lover followed him here, and-โ€ Jungkook turns on his heels, marches out of the room while totally ignoring the concubine behind him.
Jungkook ignores how his hanbok is off of him. His upper body bare to the wintry breeze. He ignores how everyone jumps to see the king marching down the long corridor towards the Luna's chamber without announcing his arrival. He stops in front of Taehyung's bed chamber.
Jungkook pushes the door, only to find it locked from the inside. Anger sizzles in his veins, creeping up to his brain with seconds. He knocks, hates that there is a room in his palace where he needs to knock. There are no answers. Jungkook slams his hand down on the door.
Jungkook curses, โ€œopen the door.โ€ There are no replies. The alpha hears hurried footsteps. He stops to hear how the footsteps are not coming towards the door. They are moving far away. Jungkook's skilled ears pick up on it. They are moving towards the balcony in the room.
Jungkook frowns when he hears more than one footstep. Hushed words. Jungkook feels the anger swirl inside his brain, and he is pulling back from the door. With one kick, he breaks the door open and steps inside the room. There is no one there. The alpha looks around.
There is no one. Jungkook marches towards the balcony and freezes when he sees the rope that is tied with a pillar there. He leans over the railing and his entire body tenses. Taehyung is holding onto the rope as he climbs down, and there is another man who is on the ground.
The man on the ground holds the rope in place. His face is hidden behind a cloth that he wrapped around his entire face and head. His hanbok is all black. The man sees Jungkoo first, flinches back from the rope, โ€œmy love,โ€ he screams, โ€œhurry up!โ€ Taehyung stops, looks up.
Jungkook's jaw hardens when their eyes meet. Taehyung gasps when the alpha grabs the rope, twisting it around his wrist and pulling it up along with him. โ€œJump,โ€ the stranger screams, โ€œmy love, jump, and I will catch you!โ€ Taehyung squirms a bit more down and then jumps off.
Jungkook watches Taehyung fall on the ground and the stranger grab him by his arms. Then he makes Taehyung stand up and they both run. Hand in hand. Jungkook lets out a short laugh, โ€œpathetic,โ€ he swings himself over the railing and lands on the ground easily.
Jungkook knows they are running for the river by the palace. The guards are there, but if the stranger got in somehow, they can leave just as easily. Jungkook runs, eyes easily tracing after the two of them. He reaches them in no time, rounds them to stand in front of them.
Taehyung grabs the stranger, pushes him behind his back. โ€œDo not harm him,โ€ Taehyung's voice trembles, โ€œno! Do not harm him!โ€ Jungkook's restraint breaks, whatever slight control he had over his anger breaks loose. He laughs, โ€œand, he is?โ€ The stranger lurches for him.
The stranger lashes out with a sword, getting Jungkook because he was focusing on Taehyung. Jungkook hisses when the blade cuts his forearm as he rises it to protect himself. Then he grabs the sword and kicks the stranger in the stomach. Watching him fall on his back.
Taehyung whimpers, โ€œJoon!โ€ Jungkook watches Taehyung kneel, pull the man into his arms. He watches the omega frantically try to cover the man who sits up, trying to crawl back up on his feet. Jungkook swiftly holds the sword against his neck, โ€œreveal yourself. Now!โ€
Jungkook presses the sword down harder, "I said, reveal yourself!" The man slowly lets the cloth fall off of his face, eyes shooting daggers at Jungkook. Jungkook stares. Kim Namjoon. The prince's personal guard back in his kingdom. Who came here with Taehyung.
โ€œIs that it?โ€ Jungkook snorts, โ€œwere you having an affair with a mere guard?โ€ Taehyung's eyes burn on his face, โ€œI love him.โ€ There is a quiet that drapes over the three of them. Jungkook watches Taehyung and Taehyung watches Jungkook. Namjoon sits, trying to find a way out.
Jungkook rises a brow, โ€œlove him?โ€ Taehyun gets up, โ€œyes,โ€ he nods, hides Namjoon behind himself, โ€œmy parents did not ask me. No one cared. I had my life planned. This is the person I love, and I was always going to be his omega. You just came barrelling in my life, and-โ€
Jungkook reaches out, grabs Taehyung by his elbow to pull him firmly against his chest. โ€œI am going to be very honest with you here, my luna,โ€ he murmurs right on Taehyung's face, โ€œand, I expect you to be just the same. Did you two get involved in physical intimacy?โ€
โ€œBecause, I need you to be pure for my heir to be born from you,โ€ Jungkook murmurs. โ€œI am not,โ€ Taehyung murmurs, โ€œwe have been physically intimate quiet a few times.โ€ Namjoon stands up, coming up behind Taehyung silently.
Jungkook's lips curl up, โ€œyou did not let me finish, my luna,โ€ he whispers over Taehyung's lips, โ€œif you did get involved and your father gave you to me, I will simply get rid of the proof and be done with it,โ€ his grip tightens on Taehyung, โ€œI frankly do not care.โ€
Jungkook's eyes flicker over to Namjoon and then back to Taehyung. โ€œI do not care if you are virgin or not, purity is not attached to a person's genitals,โ€ he lets Taehyung go, โ€œbut, the court will ask questions and your lover might open his mouth. So, I need to get rid of him.โ€
โ€œThen you can stay, I do not care as long as you stay because you were publicly married to me,โ€ Jungkook tilts his head to look at Namjoon, โ€œand, I will be damned if I let you go.โ€ He points his sword at Namjoon, โ€œor, we can do a deal. Between the three of us.โ€
โ€œWhat is the deal?โ€ Namjoon frowns, arm around Taehyung's waist. Jungkook shrugs, โ€œstay here. Be with him. Do not get caught. Do whatever you please. Just, when the time comes, give me an heir to represent to the court and I ignore everything else. I do not care, to be honest.โ€
โ€œI frankly do not care about this patriarchy, this family can go to hell, I go on wars, win them because I love that.โ€ โ€œYou love bloodshed?โ€ Taehyung whispers. Jungkook shakes his head, those eyes are void of any emotion, โ€œI love the thought of someday not winning.โ€
Jungkook looks at Namjoon, โ€œstay here. Do not try to run away. Do whatever you two please. Just keep the decency to not get caught or too obnoxious, and I do not care.โ€ โ€œWhy would you want my son to be the king?โ€ Namjoon frowns, โ€œare you,โ€ he coughs, โ€œyou cannot birth one?โ€
Taehyung watches how the king laughs, moonlight basks him in a glow that Taehyung cannot describe. That laugh is the most hollow sound Taehyung has ever heard in his life. โ€œThat is not the point,โ€ Jungkook shrugs, rounds them, โ€œI just want to be the last king of his family.โ€
Taehyung watches Jungkook throw the sword on the ground. Carelessly walking over it towards the palace. โ€œJust get inside,โ€ the king speaks over his shoulder, โ€œgo to sleep. Do whatever. Just do not try to run. You would not succeed.โ€
โ€œHow can I trust you?โ€ Taehyung calls after Jungkook, โ€œhow can I trust you that you will-โ€ Jungkook's shoulders shake while he laughs and looks over at Taehyung, โ€œsince the start, between the two of us, my luna, you betrayed me more than once. Did I ever?โ€ He walks away.
โ€œWhy did you lie about us being physical?โ€ Namjoon murmurs, โ€œwe have never even kissed, love.โ€ Taehyung looks after the alpha who walks inside the palace, โ€œI wanted him to either kill me or let me go. I thought it would be that easy.โ€ Namjoon sighs, โ€œnow, what?โ€
Taehyung turns to look at Namjoon, his eyes pooling with tears, โ€œyou can see, I will never be free, Joon. You should leave.โ€ โ€œI would never,โ€ Namjoon pulls Taehyung to him for a hug, โ€œI would never leave you here like this, Tae. Physical or not, we love each other.โ€
Taehyung buries his face against the alpha's neck, inhales the familiar scent that always calms him. He can practically see his dreams breaking right in front of his eyes. The dream to marry this alpha, bear his pups. Be his omega. Maybe some day Jungkook will let him go...
Then he can marry the love of his life and settle down in a life he always wanted. Taehyung looks at Namjoon, โ€œare you sure?โ€ Namjoon's dimples show while he smiles, โ€œyes. I am sure. I am not going anywhere. Wherever you are, I will be right there.โ€
โ€œHow is the king today? Is he in a good mood?โ€ the merchant asks the butler. He sighs, shakes his head, โ€œhe hardly ever is.โ€ The merchant gives a wicked grin, โ€œoh, but he will be after he meets my trades.โ€ The butler eyes the man, nods, โ€œset your trades up for the court.โ€
----- The merchant, Dal, bows to the king as soon as the court starts. Those eyes are sharp on him, the king gives a small nod. The merchant shows three cages, โ€œI have got you three most precious gems of my life, my king.โ€ He tugs the curtains off the cages.
Those eyes shift from one cage to the other. The omegas smile at him, bows once before looking up at him with their luscious smiles. The king hums, gestures for the merchant to speak. โ€œI have kept the best for the king's harem-โ€ Dal stops when he hears the commotion.
โ€œMy king, forgive me,โ€ the general bows, โ€œbut, we found someone when you ordered us to follow your brother.โ€ The merchant watches, the soldiers drag a person with them till the steps of the throne, drop him there like a sack of potatoes.
Dal watches the man look up. An omega, if the scent is anything to speak of. A pure blooded omega. The madking's eyes fix on the omega, โ€œare you the lover that fool left the kingdom for?โ€ The omega tries to stand up, fails and falls on his face, โ€œwh-where is he?!โ€
โ€œDead,โ€ the mad king leans back on his throne, leg bouncing on top of the other, โ€œno one defies me and stays alive.โ€ Dal watches, horrified, how the omega cries, screams at the king and tries to get up. The soldiers hold him down, grab his head to force him to bow in submission.
โ€œMin Yoongi!โ€ The omega screams, โ€œI will have your head if you touch my alpha!โ€ The court goes quiet. Dal thinks if someone drops a pin, he might hear it. No one takes the king's name. No one says another word after they do. If they dare. Dal prays for the omega's easy death.
The king tilts his head, โ€œoh, but in this kingdom, it is me who collects heads, omega.โ€ The omega thrashes, โ€œwhere is Yoong?! Where is he?โ€ โ€œIn a box,โ€ Yoongi smiles, a chilling smile that curls his lips, โ€œhis head, I mean. For my collection. Another who dared to disobey me.โ€
The next few seconds are a blur. Dal watches the omega somehow free himself, bolt up the steps to the throne, and grabs the king by his hanbok. The slap rings in the court and Dal stumbles, horrified. He hears the collective gasps. โ€œYou did not just kill your own brother!โ€
The king takes a hold of the omega's nape, pushes him down on his knees between his legs. โ€œWhat is this one's name?โ€ The generals tremble where they stand. โ€œI asked a question!โ€ The mad king thunders, eyes still on that omega. โ€œP-Park Jimin, my lord,โ€ one stutters.
โ€œSo, let me summarize it for you,โ€ the king murmurs, looking down at the omega, โ€œmy brother, and you were in love,โ€ his face twists with disgust, โ€œI told him to marry another prince for political reasons. Told him to keep you in the side. The fool denied. Told me I am heartless.โ€
โ€œI offered to bring you here. Keep you in the harem while he just officially marries that prince. The fool told me I would never understand what loving someone feels like. Very well, then. I locked him up because I needed that wedding to go through. He ran away with you.โ€
โ€œMe and the king you were to marry, we do not get along. Our families are barely holding onto a treaty. That, I am sure, will break when he figures out what happened. I am to face the burn and I know I can take him down, but,โ€ the king makes a face, โ€œtoo much work.โ€
โ€œI do not prefer that much moving around, you know?โ€ the king sighs, โ€œbut, now I have to. You are the sole reason. Do you know now I have two kingdoms mad at me? I will just throw you at Jeon's face and marry that damn prince to get it over with. Another hassle. That prince.โ€
The king sighs, โ€œI do not want to marry. That prince talks nonstop and I know I will cut off his tongue sooner than later. But, now you leave me no choice. So, this is what got me angry. I hope you realize.โ€ โ€œWhere is Yong?โ€ Jimin hisses, tears rolling out of his eyes, โ€œplease.โ€
The mad king pushes him back, lets the guards take a hold of the omega. โ€œDress him up,โ€ Yoongi leans back against his throne, โ€œI got the invitation. We will be leaving for the Jeon's celebration. I will gift him this omega and wash my hands off of one trouble.โ€
โ€œHoba!โ€ the king looks at his general, โ€œprince Seokjin will be there too. Tell me when he comes, I will act crazier, so he refuses to marry me. If he comes to the celebration.โ€ His general's lips twitch, โ€œhe is very pretty, though.โ€ Yoongi shrugs, โ€œtalks my ears off. No.โ€
- This story will revolve around Taekook. I am planning to show them here the most. I will think if I want to make a separate au for Yoonmin or not. I don't want to as of now. - If you want to support me, here's my kofi
Taehyung twists and turns on the bed. The vast space making him anxious while he tries to sleep. It has been three days since Jungkook found out he was trying to run away. The alpha added more guards around his chamber. Right under his balcony. Taehyung sits up, restless.
Namjoon is out there. In the guards' quarter. They part ways every night. Other than that, they are always together. Jungkook has not batted an eye. Has not come to Taehyung's chamber once. If he can say it, Taehyung is starting to relax in this place.
He walks out of the bedchamber, nods when the guards bow to him. He wraps the shrug tightly around himself and walks down the corridor. Ignores how two guards follow him. He walks down the stairs to step out of the palace and in the garden. Taehyung walks aimlessly.
His steps are leisure. He watches the green walls in front of him. โ€œWhat is that?โ€ he asks, stops to admire how tall the walls are, covered in green ivy and moss. The guard bows, โ€œa maze, my lord. It is a plaything for the royals.โ€ Taehyung stares, โ€œdo you know the way?โ€
The guard chuckles, โ€œwe are not allowed there, my lord. It is solely for the royal family to enjoy their time in.โ€ Taehyung sucks his lower lip into his mouth, โ€œwhat if I lose the way?โ€ The guard smiles, โ€œthere are indications. It is just a small maze.โ€
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