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Sep 19

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Keffals' close associate @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е is wiping their social media presence, disavowing connection to the illegal DIY HT Directory, and attempting to protect co-owner @Clara Sorrenti from repercussions for the site's encouragement of illegal and harmful activity:

archived 19 Sep 2022 19:42:38 UTC

​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е on Twitter: "Recently I have received a significant…

Link to original tweets, before they get wiped:…

Distributing prescription drugs such as estrogen, testosterone, or puberty blockers without a prescription, as @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е aka Colin Dong of Edmonton, Canada claims to have done, is a federal crime and felony in the US. Testosterone is a schedule III controlled substance.

For months since its launch, the DIY HRT Directory told underage kids how to illegally acquire and secretly self-inject (!) these drugs without prescriptions from illegal online pharmacies. Encouraging illegal behavior violates the Twitch TOS.…

One illegal pharmacy promoted by the DIY HRT Directory is "Otokonoko Pharmacy." Here is the packaging for their estrogen, mixed from bulk ingredients sourced from sketchy providers in China. Note lolita box art, and "Keep out of reach of parents":

Here is Keffals, a Twitch partner, applauding that specific packaging and Otokonoko Pharmacy on a Twitch stream with other trans streamers.…

Here's a snapshot of the DIY HRT Directory from two weeks ago with links to Otokonoko Pharmacy and self-injection supplies, to be used by minors without parents' knowledge or consent:

Here's @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е bragging about hooking minors up with "bathtub estrogen" behind their parents' backs. Again, this is a serious crime, aside from the extreme health risks to children (infertility, osteopenia, impaired brain development, risk of blood clots and cardiac events).

The above screenshots, links to the archived tweets, and more are available at this archived copy of Kiwi Farms' thread on @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е. Kiwi Farms has been illegally DDoSed, attacked, and hacked by actors seeking to hide this information.

Within 48 hours of Colin Dong aka @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е's name becoming public, he added an "18+" age check button to the DIY HRT Directory. This is a feeble, belated attempt to shield Colin and Keffals from legal liability.

Colin Dong/@​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е's personal details were verified and posted to a third-party site (same that doxed Keffals) by the Vile hacker collective. I expect my account to get mass-flagged by Keffals' followers. Here's an archive of all I've tweeted so far:

Procuring estrogen, testosterone, and puberty blockers without a prescription is a crime in many US states. @​​​​С​​h​​​​​lо​е and @Clara Sorrenti have openly encouraged minors to engage in illegal activity. Their actions violate the Twitter and Twitch TOS. Why has no action been taken?

In fact, Keffals is partnered on Twitch and verified on Twitter, and has used these platforms to promote both the DIY HRT Directory and Keffals' own site, which linked to the Directory until a few hours ago:

Where is law enforcement on this? Where are Twitch and Twitter policy enforcement? Where are the journalists who covered Keffals' "harassment" by Kiwi Farms without mention of illegal life-altering drug distribution to hundreds of children?

@Katie Herzog and @Jesse Singal are the only journalists I've seen even attempt to cover this story accurately. No one else cares. Why? Is it the stink of Kiwi Farms? The DIY HRT story stands on its own. The evidence is saved on third-party archives. Pick it up and run with it.

Since it was also just removed from the DIY HRT Directory, see archive below of "Thank you to our amazing sponsor [Keffals]":

@HeterodorxPodcast 👯‍♂️ has also reported accurately on this story, tagging in case of interest.



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