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Sep 21

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Unite the Right attendees #BlueRuneCowboyUTR and #ConfederateRedUTR have been identified as James Horky and Alice Horky from Greenville, South Carolina. Both Alice and Jim Horky have a history of attending white supremacist events and flaunting Nazi symbolism.

Here is a photo of Alice and Jim Horky during the American Freedom Party and Council of Conservative Citizens conference in Nashville, 2018. Alice wears the face of a Nazi leader on her shirt.…

While attending Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Jim Horky #BlueRuneCowboyUTR had visible Nazi tattoos to include SS bolts and the 2nd SS Panzer Division symbol.…

William Grieb


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Help identify #BlueRuneCowboyUTR They participated in the violent riots in Charlottesville #IgniteTheRight @Ignite The Right

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Here is Alice mourning over a Confederate flag removal alongside Jim in South Carolina 22 years ago.…

3 years ago today, @Nikki Haley ordered the removal of the Confederate flag from State House grounds. Flashback to July 1, 2000: Alice Horky cries as she is comforted by her husband, Jim, after the Confederate flag was removed from the State House dome. @The Buzz on SC Politics @The State Newspaper

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Thank you to the tipsters who helped us locate the identity of these two fascists. Ignite the Right is accepting tips 24/7, submit tips via DM, email or #IgniteTheRight

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Dedicated to Heather Heyer and all victims of racism #IgniteTheRight Email: Images @dhosterman @Edu_Bayer

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