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Sep 21

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"Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenants" of the #UN Charter, @President Biden tells #UNGA.

"Again, just today, President Putin has made overt nuclear threats against Europe," notes @President Biden.

"You cannot seize a nation's territory by force," adds @President Biden at #UNGA.

If nations can pursue imperial ambitions without consequences it puts at risk everything the #UN stands for, declares @President Biden.

"I also believe the time has come for this institution to become more inclusive, so it can better respond to the needs of today's world," says @President Biden during #UNGA address.

US supports "increasing the number of both permanent and non permanent representatives" of the #UN Security Council, reaffirms @President Biden.

"Much of Pakistan is still underwater and needs help. Meanwhile, the Horn of Africa faces unprecedented drought. Families are facing impossible choices, choosing which child to feed, wondering whether they'll survive," says @President Biden.

#Russia "pumping out lies" trying to blame the food crisis on sanctions, says @President Biden.

"It's Russia's war that is worsening food insecurity," adds @President Biden.

"Nothing else matters if parents cannot feed their children," emphasizes @President Biden during #UNGA address.

#Haiti, amid gang violence, facing "an enormous human crisis," says @President Biden.

US doesn't seek a Cold War or conflict with #China, says @President Biden.

A nuclear war must not be fought and such a war cannot be won, says @President Biden.

"Irresponsible" nuclear threats being made by #Russia, adds @President Biden.

"We will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon," vows @President Biden during #UNGA address.

"The future will be won by the countries that unleash the full potential of the populations," says @President Biden.

US stands "with the brave women of Iran, right now, who are demonstrating to secure their basic rights," says @President Biden.

"LGBTQ plus committed individuals" must be able "to live and love freely without being targeted with violence," says @President Biden at #UNGA.

"God bless you all," concludes @President Biden to applause from the #UNGA audience.

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