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Sep 22

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This is the correct response if a woman you are dating asks you for an open relationship. What an absolute king.

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Don't you understand why even asking the question is a problem? It shows what she values, where her mind is at; he isn't with someone who considers fidelity to be a virtue.…

The number of w*men who seem to not understand that they have a duty to the man they are with to respect him, his boundaries and the relationship they have together is mind blowing.…

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That's a bit of an overreaction, on his part, because he didn't give her the space to explain her reasoning, while bragging about his maturity, in discussing tough subjects. But... If a thought is all it took, for him to walk away, he was already looking for an excuse

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Oh no, the cuckolds have found this tweet. They don't understand that she threw the five year relationship away, and that's actually good, because it could have been a ten or twenty year relationship she threw away instead. He will do better, she won't.…

so epic to throw away everything without even having a real conversation thats so BASED and badass oh my god 🤣🤣💯

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1. Women could just...not cheat? Be faithful to their partner, when they know they are monogamous and traditional? Accept that they made a choice and got the benefits of the relationship and that comes with boundaries? 2. I don't need an excuse.…

Let me say a few things: 1. Asking your partner if they're comfortable with changing relationship dynamics is actually a healthy thing, whereas the alternative is not being open with them or cheating 2. People in the replies/QRTs just want an excuse to call this woman a whore

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