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Sep 22

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Dear Wallet Developers, @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 wants to help you execute cross-chain swaps inside your wallet. Why? Because we believe your users deserve a seamless web3 experience. How can we help? A 🧵

Part 1: Suzie Is Odysseus... and That Sucks Moving tokens across chains requires a brutal metaversal journey. Example a: Suzie wants to exchange 5 AVAX on Avalanche for some MATIC on Polygon. How does Suzie make this happen?

She must... 1. Swap AVAX to USDC on TraderJoe 2. Bridge USDC from Avalanche to Polygon on Multichain 3. Swap USDC to MATIC on QuickSwap Note, Suzie must already have gas on Avalanche and Polygon for steps 1 and 3.

Suzie's innocent request (AVAX --> MATIC) leads her on a treacherous adventure across two DEXs and a bridge. She is Odysseus fighting off Charybdis, Scylla, and the Sirens. It's brutal.

Part 2: What If Suzie Could Move From AVAX --> MATIC In One Place? @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 has already solved Suzie's problem. We have aggregated 11 bridges and 21 DEXs into one set of smart contracts connecting 14 chains. What does that mean?

We have a user frontend to show off our tech. It's called TransferTo allows users (like Suzie) to trade any token on any EVM compatible chain for any token on any EVM compatible chain. Check it out ↓

Providing liquidity when and where needed

The any-2-any swaps take about two clicks and feel like Uniswap -- even though our contracts are routing users through multiple bridges + DEXs in the backend. But that's not the coolest part about @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎.

Part 3: @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 Is Built for Devs, and Their Users While we love TransferTo, @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 is a B2B infrastructure company. We are a money lego for multi-chain dApps to build on top of...

Remember those 11 bridges, 21 DEXs, and connectivity to 14 chains? All of that is available on an API/Contract level which comes as an SDK and widget for other developers to plug directly into their products. There is no need for users to leave dApps anymore.

All a developer has to do is implement our JS/TS SDK -- which can be installed directly from our documentation.

It's a no-brainer: @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 does all the cross-chain work so that developers can focus on product. • we offer multiple bridges (routes) for every transaction • we maintain bridges through downtime + maintenance • we connect bridges to DEXs, so liquidity is not an issue

Our SDK is adaptable and, as an aggregator, we inherit the best features of our bridges and DEXs:

Security side note: we are making sure to minimize the chances of an exploit. We constantly publish deep research on the bridge industry and analyze the security assumptions of our integrated bridges.

Furthermore, we've completed two audits (…), and a third audit is currently OTW via @Spearbit.

Part 4: Every Wallet Should Use @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 Wallets are the most important part of the web3 ecosystem. They’re home to user funds and NFTs. Most wallets support most chains these days... BUT Few offer token swapping or bridging...

Users that want to bridge + swap their assets across chains have to connect to multiple dApps manually, as Suzie did earlier. Swapping assets is one of the most basic use cases in crypto. It should be easy. It should require few clicks.

Via our SDK, @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 offers wallets a plug-and-play swap and bridge solution. Wallets can integrate our SDK into their mobile/browser extension wallet, and, voila, users can swap assets across chains seamlessly without worrying about connecting to bridges or DEXs.

It's a win-win for wallet users and devs. It's plug-and-play interoperability for devs. It's a seamless web3 experience for users. What's not to like?

Part 5: Roll Call In the wallet space, @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 is already being used by @Frontier 🧡. 💪…

Frontier 🧡


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🤯 Frontier Wallet's new Multichain Bridge is on 🔥 Powered by @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 ⚡️ Just 👆 tap to move any assets across 15+ chains, 9+ Bridges, 17+ DEXs — faster, cheaper, securely 💨 Update your Frontier app on iOS & Android 📲

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And @Omni 💪…

Omni has paired with @LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎 to bring users the best bridging and swapping experience on mobile🔄 Our LiFi DEX and bridges aggregation allows users to swap and bridge tokens across all major EVMs, straight from the comfort of their self-custodial wallet ✨

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And if you use... Rabby, Orange Wallet, Verso Wallet, Portis Wallet, Ledger, Tezos, MEW, Exodus, Atomic, Trust, Coin98, Rainbow, D'Cent, Argent, Velas, or some other wallet... and want to see xChain swap or bridging... then tag them in this thread :)

And that's the thread! For more information about LI.FI information, check out our documentation -- it's robust.

And if you have any Qs, hit us up on Discord (link in bio) or just DM @kram.eth | LI.FI, @Ƥαιgє MccυƖƖєяѕ, or @Akshay @Token2049 on Twitter.

LI.FI - Powers any cross-chain strategy 🦎

@lifiprotocol - Developer Solution Providing Advanced Bridge Aggregation with DEX Connectivity Integrate our SDK - | Use

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