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Sep 22

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Thread. 1/4 DOCUMENTS: #RCMP sent blacklist of #FreedomConvoy bank account holders to investment industry, bank & credit union lobbyists, mutual fund dealers…… @GRC @CommrRCMPGRC @OPC @adam chambers #cdnpoli

… Unencrypted EMAILS sent by #RCMP included names of #FreedomConvoy sympathizers, birthdates, phone numbers, addresses, vehicle registration, more. 2/4 #cdnpoli

“RCMP has given to financial institutions names of leaders & organizers of protests & of people whose trucks were part of occupations & blockades. That’s the ONLY information, according to #RCMP, that RCMP has given to financial institutions.” — @Chrystia Freeland February 21 3/4

…Information was requested from #RCMP by MP @Adam Chamberlain and tabled as INQUIRY OF MINISTRY in House of Commons. “They’re not interested in transparency & they don’t respect Parliament… Even @OPC has confirmed his office is investigating how information was handled.” 4/4

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