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Sep 22

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1. The Hinduphobic scenes in UK, coupled with the referendum on Khalistan in Canada seems to be well choreographed. Monies n brains sitting far away. Strategy to displace PmModi is cast! CONgress is a sheer curtain, the real player is #AapKaPaap! Mark this tweet! +

2. Those powers simply do not want a nationalist govt in the Centre. INDIA must not rise or get a seat at the big boys table - seems to be their only focus! PmModi stands in their way in more ways than one, he must be displaced! Nefarious plans afoot +

3. Pappu and family are tainted, hence will never win big. PFI is no more a strong force behind Pappu, he knows he has no safe seat in wyanaad nomore, that's why Bharat Jodo yatra to test waters in TN and Kerala for a safe seat for 2024+

4. Battle lines are also drawn between him and Didi, so his chances to take a shot at the Centre seem bleak, hence wil go all out like a frustrated entitled douche, to win at any cost! +

5. #AapkaPaap kanjar, on the other hand seems to be the chosen one for the foreign powers to attempt to displace PmModi! Look at some obvious things +

6. This self certified honest little man, this simpleton, who speaks ohh so humbly, who is emptying the State Treasuries at will, who has pumped tax payers 00's n 000's of crores to media for self propaganda is a wily beast being puppetted, orchestrated to wrest power! +

7. Kanjar is in a desperate hurry to reach Gujurat, Himachal, Rajasthan, alrdy in Goa & PB, to establish footprint as a national leader! Trying vry hard to remain blemish free, mimicking PmModi all the way. He is the horse these foreign powers are backing for 2024 +

8. Indians wld do well to rmbr this jhadoo chaap kanjar is the leader of Rohingyas, this terrorist Kanjar had Rinku Sharma killed in Delhi, Hanuman temple demolished in Chandni Chowk, Khalistani flag hoisted at Red Fort !! +

9. Cant coexist in a country with an Opposition lkng to appease a tribe tat wants to extinguish Hindus. If not for PmModi we wld be staring at anthr 1947! Don't let kanjar partition our Matrabhoomi again. Power is the only lang everyone understands. Stay solidly behind PmModi 🚩




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