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Sep 22

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After 3 years, I’ve finally written for the ⁦@The Daily Northwestern⁩! Well, I’ve co-authored a piece w 25 brilliant gay male & queer identifying faculty (inc ⁦@Chad Horne & ⁦@sarah schulman⁩) abt what our students need to know about monkeypox ⁩…

Twenty-six gay and queer-identifying Northwestern faculty came together to address what they viewed as insufficiencies in the initial statement by NU officials regarding the Monkeypox outbreak. This...…

LTE: What you need to know about monkeypox

We had to write this because “Last month, the University shared information with students about the monkeypox virus, MPX. This message was careful not to stigmatize men who have sex with men, but was nonetheless inaccurate and misleading.”

“When the admin claims “Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection or disease nor is it linked to sexual orientation” it obscures the dominant mode of MPX transmission & fails to mention the group most at risk for MPX. We believe students need & deserve better information”

For these reasons, we needed to create a corrective and help students make a well-informed plan.

As gay male and queer-identified NU faculty members who also study and teach the history and culture of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, other public-health issues related to sex between men, and sexuality studies, we believe it is important for all students — but particularly male students who have sex with men, as well as trans students — to have clear information that will empower them to protect themselves.

First, get the info you need! Check out @Howard Brown Health, and also come to a session Prof. @Chad Horne and I will be leading tomorrow on campus

Second and third, get vaccinated and consider some temporary changes to your sexual behavior until you can get vaxxed. (This strategy isn’t fun but it works and has served many of us well around the world over the summer.)

Finally, monitor yourselves for symptoms. This can be scary. It was for me for much of the summer. I’ll post an essay I wrote about thus. But I encourage you to come to our session tomorrow. The people at @Howard Brown Health & who you’ll meet at clinics won’t judge you.

Finally, monitor yourself for symptoms. Be on the lookout especially for any new rashes or blisters. If you suspect you may have MPX, avoid sex and other forms of skin-to-skin contact with others until you can get tested. For MPX testing and treatment, you can contact Student Health Services as the administration suggests, or you can visit one of the many Chicago locations of the Howard Brown Health Center.

In August I interviewed queer men in the UK & US abt the anxiety of yet another STI shaping our sex lives. I even wrote of crying in my Dr’s office. But we want you to know you’re not alone & there’s a community of queer ppl ready to help you…

On a personal note, it was frustrating and disappointing that the university would both ask me to talk to the public about MPX and then ignore my expertise & all the expertise of my brilliant colleagues prior to sending out inaccurate information to our students.

So, “In the meantime, as is so often in the past, queer community members are banding together to protect and educate one other.”


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