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Sep 22

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The decision by Ruto's government to retain the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) is highly regrettable. It is a clear sign his government will continue with the culture of a bloated civil service. THREAD 🧵

The CAS position serves no purpose other than to reward failed politicians and other party loyalists. It is extremely insensitive to continue with this culture of wastage of public resources when the country is neck deep in debt and in the grip of a severe drought. 2/7

Kenyans can hardly breath. Everyday they are being advised to tighten belt. Yet the government is doing the opposite. As I said often during the campaigns, none of the candidates seemed to have a clear understanding and deep appreciation of the economic quagmire we are in.

These views which were unpopular then are now being validated by the actions of this government. The economic crisis we are in cannot be solved through populist policies and political balancing.

Extremely tough decisions needs to be taken especially when it comes to cutting public spending.

Expanding government in a time like this amounts to a spit in the face of starving Kenyans. It is fat middle finger pointed at Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

So much for a government that campaigned on the basis of a hustler narrative. A narrative we were made to believe would lead to better fortunes for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.



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