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Sep 22

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Women need spaces to speak and have our voices heard. We need to make those spaces and protect them for ourselves. Allowing far right groups to share them with us is not doing this. Women deserve better than that. And every woman who now appears in a Hearts of Oak

branded video deserves far, far, far better than that. No woman standing up for herself and her rights deserves to have her image and words used in that way. We don't need the far right in order to have our voices heard. #LetWomenSpeak2022

My understanding from women who were there was there was very little way they could have know the Hearts of Oak live stream was happening, because it was happening from right at the front, by the stage, while most women were further back away from the stage.

Women who went there and took part in an inspiring day of hearing each other speak have been badly let down by the organisers allowing them to be filmed by this group right in front of the stage, and, if this was an error, by not apologising to women about it afterwards.

Women went to feel a sense of sisterhood, support and strength together. They did not go to be used as propaganda for a far right group. And it is not fair for the organisers to have put anyone in this position. #LetWomenSpeak

High profile GC women now have the opportunity to say they did not give their permission to be filmed by Hearts of Oak, and that they do not wish to be publicly associated with a white nationalist group. Doing so would draw a line about what this movement is and is not.

I very much hope @Helen Joyce @Maya Forstater and @Helen Staniland will consider whether the GC movement to be publicly linked to a far right group is in the interests of the women and LGB people they have previously stood up to defend.

I am not a big account. I don't have a big platform. But I am not, and will never be, part of a movement with anyone who thinks that being on the same side of a police cordon as fascists is no big deal.



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