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Stephen Shankland

Stephen Shankland

Sep 22, 2022
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After tons of pixel peeping, I say the iPhone 14 Pro is a big step up that serious photographers will appreciate. I love the 48-megapixel sensor for detail & cropping. Image quality like dynamic range is noticeably better. My assessment (and a thread). 1/…

Here's one example comparison, showing the same night view with iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro (12 megapixels, night mode), overexposed +1.3EV in editing to show better where noise is a problem. 13 Pro at left shows worse noise, detail and color. 2/
The 48-megapixel sensor means you can print photos much larger, crop in more, and rotate to fix crooked horizons. Here's a comparison of the print size of 12MP vs 48MP compared to a 5.8-inch-tall iPhone 14 Pro. 3/
And the iPhone 14 Pro's detail is great with the 48 megapixel shots. Check out this 2048px crop of my dog's (overabundant) fur. The full view is downsized to 4096px wide (Twitter's maximum) from the original 8064x6048px shot. 4/
Pixel size math. iPhone 13 Pro pixels are 1.9 microns across; 14 Pro's are 1.22 microns. That means at 48 megapixels, 59% less surface area per pixel than 13 Pro. But with 2x2 pixel binning and 12 megapixels, 14 Pro pixels are 2.44 microns across = 65% more area than 13 Pro. 5/
Another tough shot for cameras: night shot into a house. Interior looks more unnatural & processed with iPhone 13 Pro (left) and dark areas have more magenta noise speckles. iPhone 14 Pro has better color, less noise, more texture. 6/
The new iPhone's improved ultrawide angle camera (0.5x) shows also shows much more natural color, better dynamic range and less noise on the iPhone 14 Pro (right) vs 13 Pro. Though perhaps 14 Pro vignetting is worse? 7/
If you're looking at photos on your phone, you don't need 48 megapixels. But if you like to dive in, crop a lot, see photos larger, or print them out, the iPhone 14 Pro's detail is abundant. Compare these full shots vs 2048px crops from Marin County forests last weekend. 8/
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