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Sep 22

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Thomas Partey vs Brentford : Its well documented Arsenal are different team both in defence and attack when Partey plays: 1.Anticipation to break up play - to sustain pressure 2. Progressive forward balls 3. Tactical Awareness Thread #afc #Partey

Having the tactical awareness to cover for Ben White who is pressing forward is imperative to play that lone 6. Arsenal comfortable build up play from the back - better decision making and they could have been in dangerous attacking position

If there is one clip that describes Thomas Partey this would be it! press resistant! Keeping him fit will be key to Arsenal success

Thomas Partey always seems to find space and is always available for his team mates! Special mention to Xhaka here- if Odegaard created this chance. There will be clips going viral. under-rated performance! End of Thread - Saliba Analysis coming up👀 - Follow for more #afc



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