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Sep 22

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My mum introduced me to tumeric and ginger milk(just adding tumeric and ginger to your boiling milk) because I was struggling with my sleep and anxiety and it's done wonders! I sleep 7-8 hours peacefully and I'm even able to sleep as early as 10pm. Panic attacks have reduced. ♥️

Here. She's been taking tumeric milk since I was little(because she loved it) I just didn't know it really had these benefits. It's the best!

Oh and I've been told adding black pepper will help in the absorption. So I'll try and see if it works!

It's still okay, but just add half a teaspoon to your boiling milk.

Someone's mentioned about tumeric and ginger shots in the morning and I agree! I take them too and they're amazing!

mama's girl ♥️


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