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Sep 22

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In an interview recorded for Italian TV, Berlusconi expresses outrageous views on Putin's invasion of Ukraine [Thread]. While reading, remember Berlusconi presents himself as guarantor for the NATO & EU credentials of a right-wing Italian government >> 1…

Secondo il leader di Forza Italia, l'operazione doveva durare una settimana e sostituire il governo Zelensky con «persone perbene»…

L’ultima di Berlusconi sul perché Putin ha invaso l’Ucraina: «Pressato dai separatisti del Donbass»

He starts by saying, "Putin found himself in a difficult & dramatic situation," because "emissaries from the two Donbass Republics went to Moscow & spoke to everyone, with the newspapers, the TV & Ministers." >> 2

Berlusconi says the emissaries told Putin, "Zelensky has stepped up his attacks on us & our borders, we have reached 16k dead. Defend us because if you don't we don't know how bad things might get." >> 3

Berlusconi continues, saying Putin was thus put on the spot & was "pushed into coming up with this special operation by the Russian people, his party & his Ministers"

Berlusconi says the plan was: "enter Kyiv in a week, replace Zelensky with a government made up of respectable people & withdraw in another week." However, Russian troops met "unexpected resistance supplied with all kinds of arms by the West." //5

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