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Sep 22

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What do Muslims have to say about the attacks on the Hindu temples in Leicester, Birmingham and now Coventry? Are those provoked by Hindus attacking Muslims in those cities or are you going to start accepting you hate all of us instead of under the guise of “Hindutva”?

A lot of Muslims were high on their horse but now police have debunked everything they’ve said about Hindus kidnapping Muslim girls to attacking their mosques, they’ve gone quiet. Islamists are intolerant towards anything and anyone that’s non Islam.

Had a lot of people saying this has been escalated by BJP. What connection does an foreign political party have to do with innocent UK Hindus suffering? That’s like saying I’m going to attack every person who has a diff political view. Simply an excuse to attack.

There is nothing peaceful about these protests where these Islamists are going to these mandirs to intimidate innocent and elderly Hindus who have gone to pray for their peace of mind and have been met with hooligans.

Nothing peaceful about chanting “Allahu Akhbar” alongside obscene gestures ;which is synonymous with terrorism and stabbings all around the world outside mandirs other than to intimidate when Navratri and Diwali are around the corner for Hindus.

I request every Hindu to not let these incidents from putting them off from celebrating our festivals. We live in a democracy where we have the religious freedom to celebrate whatever festivals and events we want.


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