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A recently completed Canadian youth study called TransYouthCAN! is the first of its kind in Canada -- but it has severe limitations which undermine its credibility.…

A first of its kind study called TransYouthCAN! has severe limitations which undermine its credibility.…

TransYouthCan! is a study that fails

Dr. Greta Bauer is the Principal Investigator on the TransYouthCAN! Project, which received $1,298,801 in funding from the federal government... (She has received a total of $2,455,422 from other CIHR grants since 2012, almost all for research on gender identity issues).

Reporting on the results of a 2012 Trans Pulse Survey...she said “we found that 43 per cent of trans people had attempted suicide at some point in their life and 10 per cent in the last year." This statistic has now been undermined...

Given the ties between The Schulich School of Medicine and the London Health Science Centre, it seems reasonable to ask if Dr. Bauer agrees with prescribing puberty blockers before the traditional in-person assessment of patients.

Dr. Bauer is collecting $700,000 in a grant (April 1, 2020 - Mar 31, 2024) from the CIHR for the CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chairs Initiative. Will that Canadian funding continue at her new post at the University of Minnesota, beginning November 2022?…

While other western countries and experts within Canada are increasingly speaking out against the the medicalization of children..., the TransYouthCAN! study is using its questionable results to promote such medicalization.…

Gender Dissent


We are a concerned group of diverse individuals in Canada who are researching and writing about the power and money behind the gender identity industry.

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