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// mention of cancer and techno’s passing To all my non Canadian followers and anyone who doesn’t know, please read. Today was the Terry Fox run. If you don’t know who Terry Fox is I encourage you to research him because he was truly an incredible person.

For a brief description, Terry Fox was a Canadian boy who was diagnosed with cancer in 1977 and because of the cancer he had to get his leg amputated. However he did not let this stop him, and on April 12th 1980 he started the Marathon of Hope to raise awareness and money for

furthering cancer research. His goal was to run from the east coast of Canada all the way to the west (if you don’t know, Canada is the second largest country in the world geographically so this was a big goal). At first he had very little traction, very few people knew his

name but as his marathon continued he started to gain more attention. People would come and run next to him and meet him in the streets as he passed cities and towns. He ended up raising over 24 million dollars for cancer research and in that moment he became a Canadian hero.

Sadly he was not able to complete his goal of crossing the country as his cancer ended up spreading to his lungs and not long after it took his life. His last words to the world were “if I don't make it...the Marathon of Hope must continue” and it did. He may not have completed

his goal of crossing the country but he definitely completed his goal in raising awareness. Now, even to this day, all school across the country do a run in honour of Terry Fox and his efforts against cancer. We run for him, for his message and to complete the marathon he never

could. Every school also collects donations that are given to the Terry Fox Foundation to help fund cancer research projects. (I will leave the link here if anyone can and would like to donate)

Learn more about the Terry Fox Run and how you can get involved with the Terry Fox Foundation.

Let's fight cancer together- Terry Fox Foundation

Every year our school gives us stickers before the run where we put down the names of people who have fought cancer. This year I ran for Techno. Thank you Techno for all you have done in the hearts of so many. I’m sure Terry Fox would have thought you were pretty dam cool <3

Ace🎗c!Purpled apologist👑


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