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Adopted from a friend's exchange with some people on another platform. On Samantha Muhwezi of @TotalEnergies and her role. Ugandans and their WILLFUL/DELIBERATE ignorance truly amuses me. EACOP is not a Ugandan government only company.

The shareholders are UNOC with a 15% shareholding and duly represented on the Board by CFO Muggaga Emmanuel, CEO Prosscovia Nabbanja and CCO Kamuntu Gilbert. Joint Venture Partners (Total 62% and CNOOC 8%) and the Tanzanians at 15%.

Samantha Muhwezi is not even a representative of Uganda but of @TotalEnergies & @TotalEnergies Uganda where she has been working as Legal Director for about 5 years. There are 9 directors of EACOP. These include Mariam Mbowa who represents @TotalEnergies Uganda, too and is the Deputy GM.

There are two Chinese who work in CNOOC and then the balance are Tanzanians. Because it is a joint venture among different countries and private entities, it is very common to have these incorporated in a neutral jurisdiction that also has a strong rule of law and closer to...

...arbitration centers. In this case, the UK is usually a common jurisdiction because of the London Court of Arbitration where many complex disputes end up in such arrangements. In short, the alarm being raised is really pointless.

In case you want to confirm the full information and not that clipped part you shared and carefully left out all the other directors to create a false impression (including tribal), all the information is at:… ……



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