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Sep 22

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chromatica ball being the most chaotic place on earth: a thread

when someone turned a slice of bread into toast because they wanted to see if the pyrotechnics are hot enough

when the gays started singing rain on me and almost got struck to death by a lightning

when someone brought their Nintendo 3DS to record the show HELP ME

when someone puked before the show and had to carry their vomit into a literal plastic bag throughout the night

when someone got arrested while gaga was performing monster on stage

when two stans showed up as gaga and liza minnelli! JAIL!!!

when someone left their fucking leg? THE CHAOS!!!

when someone got a High Heart Rate warning during the show and almost collapsed on the spot


when a security guard mistook a drag queen for lady gaga and followed her around

people dressing up as chromatica oreos JAIL TIME!!!

when someone yelled APHRODITE completely unprovoked. ARTPOP RIGHTS!

when someone brought 2 year old expired chromatica oreos and ate them during the show R.I.P.

when a security guard tried to save gaga FROM HER OWN MOTHER

when people camped outside the stadium IN POURING RAIN listening to rain on me. DEDICATION!

when someone on grindr started a rumor that an orgy was going on in the toilets of the stadium during the first london show


when someone saw their face on the big screen and almost had a heart attack


people literally battling for their lives

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