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Sep 23

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The latest vlog is making me think about a body swap fic - c!tommy ends up at the “party” in NYC and cc!tommy ends up at the beach party in exile C!tommy meeting cc!schlatt being confused because this man sounds like schlatt, but he looks a little different and he’s kinder

Cc!schlatt: you’re not still going on about the party tommy? It was a bit for the vlog C!tommy: *on the verge of tears* but nobody came to my party and-

Meanwhile on the dsmp C!dream: tommy drop your stuff in the hole Cc!tommy: I’ll drop you in hole :) anyway have you seen moana?

C!dream makes it about 45 minutes with cc!tommy and breaks when tommy asks him his favourite song from inside is and then immediately switches to calling him a cheater telling him about some odds

Geek 🌙


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