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Four have been arrested in Iceland for planning a terror plot. Police siezed dozens of firearms, including semi-automatic weapons. Part of the preparation involves 3d printed weapons. This is unprecedented in Iceland.

All arresred were Icelandic. The target was the parliament and the police. Two were released while twl remain in custody. Foreign links are being investigated. The investigation is ongoing and is extensive and searches have been carried out at nine locations.

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Tveir íslenskir karlmenn eru í gæsluvarðhaldi grunaðir um að undirbúa fjöldaárásir hér á landi, sem lögregla rannsakar sem tilraun til hryðjuverka. Heimildir fréttastofu herma að árásirnar hafi átt…

Kanna tengsl við erlenda öfgahópa

The first paragraph of Article 100(a) of the Iceelandic General Penal Code states that acts of terrorism may lead to lifetime imprisonment The second paragraph of states that the same punishment shall be imposed on the person who, threatens to commit the above offences.

Terrorism is defined in Icelandic law by its purpose of causing significant fear among the public or unlawfully coercing Icelandic or foreign governments or international organizations to act in certain ways,

or in order to weaken or harm constitutional or political; economic or social foundations of a state or international organization.

The offences listed in the Penal Code include manslaughter, assault, deprivation of liberty, hijacking, burning, disruption of traffic safety, or an individual disrupting the operation of public transport equipment or causing gross property damage.

The police in Iceland is one of, if not the last police force that is generally not armed with firearms. This incident has already lead to discussions about general armament of the police.

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