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Elvis Toomas

Elvis Toomas

Sep 23, 2022
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Another PSA (Poker Scammer Announcement) for you all. Thank me later.

2/ Next on the Blacklist is Nissar “Nick” Quraishi Aside from the assumed, being that he borrows money with no intention of return, to play tournaments he cant afford-he is also known to be involved in shady businesses.
3/ If approached, DO NOT do business with him. He has been known by many to be involved in multiple scams including but not limited to: identity theft, bank fraud, forging documents to borrow money, and credit card fraud.
4/ If he asks you if you want to purchase gift cards at a fraction of the price, run. Not only does he scam the poker community, but the shame doesnt stop there- he targets people who really need the money, mostly elderly and people with disabilities.
5/Again, these PSAs are not for me- i dont want the community’s pity, and I gain nothing from putting someone on blast. If anything its easier to stay quiet and pretend not to know these people.
6/ But thats the problem..everyone takes the easy route and in the meantime there is a friend, family member, someone who is getting fucked over tmr.
7/ Im a busy man, but If I choose to call myself a poker player, I got all the time in the world to protect my backyard and preserve the reputation of the people alongside of me.
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