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Libra season starts tomorrow! Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer) will benefit the most as they will reap the fruits and rewards of Libra season. Horoscope thread 🧵(PLEASE APPLY TO SUN AND RISING)

Let’s talk about the Sun in Libra real quick. Sun is the self and our identity, Libra is our relationships, balance, and beauty as it is ruled by Venus. Libra is also exalted in Saturn so a lot of people will have justice on their side. ⬇️

Libra: The Sun will be transiting your first house! Eyes will be on you as you radiate elegance and positivity from miles away. If you’ve had a bad reputation or just issues with how people view you, expect a break from assumptions and rumors. You’re the “good guy,” now. Perhaps-

You also would like to change your look up? Maybe try a new lipstick shade or a new hair color? You will also view yourself in a much more positive light as well! Scorpio: The Sun will be transiting your 12th house! You’re in for a nice treat, a long needed retreat, time-

Away from everyone and every thing. Your subconscious and ego will be at rest. As you gain more clarity you will not need to overthink and worry yourself so much. Protect your energy at this time. Sagittarius: The Sun will be transiting your 11th house! This means you’ll-

Probably meet new friends and it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your wishes and desires, they could possibly be coming true at this time. If you’ve had tensions with friends at this time, those will clear up and the relationship will be anew. Capricorn: The Sun will be-

Transiting your 10th house! You are the gem at work this season. Efforts will be recognized, some coworkers may admit they have a crush on you, and you could possibly see a promotion or raise of some sort! This is the perfect opportunity to move up in your career. Use your charm-

Aquarius: The Sun will be transiting your 9th house! It is the perfect time to see the world, think about getting into higher education, and possibly learn a new language of some sort. Is their a culture that fascinates you? Maybe you wanna dive deeper into your own culture.-

Spiritual downloads will be at an all time high as you find your purpose of life at this time. Pisces: The Sun will be transiting your 8th house! Get ready to transform. You’ve been in your cocoon for a while and now you’re ready to evolve into the beautiful butterfly-

You’re meant to be. You’ll feel the need to be more intimate at this time, surround yourself with someone who prioritizes that for you! Aries: The Sun will be transiting your 7th house! You may possibly want to get into the dating scene or you’re in a relationship already!-

If you and your partner haven’t been getting along this transit will ease tension as it’s about balance and making things right. You may feel the need to be very close to someone as well. Taurus: The Sun will be transiting your 6th house! Wanna start an exercise routine or-

Just wanna take care of yourself better? This is the perfect time to do so! This season for you is all about being in alignment with your body! How can you take care of yourself more? What have you been overdoing and in return feeling neglected in your own body.- Gemini: The-

Sun will be transiting your 5th house! You’re feeling flirty and artsy at this time. How can you spice up your relationships? Do you feel the need to work on an art project of any kind? Whip out the canvas or the journal, your imagination is at its peak. Some of you who-

Have children or want children may possibly want to spend more time with them or attempt to conceive! Cancer: The Sun will be transiting you 4th house! Family issues that haven’t been resolved will be. Now is the time to really figure out what you’d like to do with your-

Living space. Really make it your own as it is a reflection of you. Family will be paying more attention to you at this time, especially if you’ve been ignored or forgotten for a while. Leo: The Sun will be transiting your 3rd house! You are about to be booked and busy for-

Real. I mean, I can’t blame you! Prepare for lighthearted conversations, multiple people wanting to get to know you, and the urge to write. It’s possible that you can even help people resolve conflict in their own lives. It’s just good vibes all around. Virgo: The Sun will be-

Transiting your 2nd house! You will feel the urge to feel more secure financially! You may pick up extra hours at work, feel the need to invest in something, or even opening up a savings account. Libra szn is the perfect time to do this as you’re thinking logically and doing-

What’s right as opposed to doing things out of impulse. Pampering yourself isn’t a bad thing but you realize you have bigger priorities!

Also it is 10:21 PM here so no, Libra szn hasn’t started for me! I hope you enjoyed this thread

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