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Sep 23

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"In spite of their dispersion the Jews still remain closely united. As they reject all the attempts of governments to incorporate them in the nations, the Jews form a state within a state, and have become a deep wound in Poland, which has not healed even at the present day."

"Even now each town his its own Judge, each province its Rabbi, and all are subordinate to an unknown chief, and who is bound by their law to travel round continually, from place to place, and whom they call the 'Prince of Slavery'".

"Thus, retaining their religion, their government, their morality, and their language, and obeying their own laws, they know how to evade those of the land they live in, or at any rate, to nullify the same for all practical purposes: and, closely united amongst themselves".

"They resist all attempts to fuse them into the rest of the nation, just as much on account of their religious belief as on account ot their self-interest". Helmuth von Moltke, Description of the internal conditions in Poland, Berlin, 1832.



With the knowledge of past human events, when great achievements are required, something must be left to fortune, regardless of the chances of success.

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