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Sep 23

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I've slowly been compiling a catalogue of the best Twitter screenwriting advice. Now, I'm finally ready to share what I feel is the best of the best... 🧵

1) NEVER use VO! 2) VO "can" be an effective way to establish tone and create a compelling story. 3) Don't use ... or --, unless you want to come off as a...

4) ... is like a pregnant pause. 5) -- is like an impregnating interruption. 6) Always start in the middle, 2nd acts are the hardest.

7) If you don't know your ending, your script will fall apart in act 2. 8) Act 1 should set up with the "status quo." But the end of act 1 should take the MP in a new direction. 9) Start with the end and build out from there to keep the audience intrigued.

10) Create an in depth character breakdown and thorough beat sheet before your first draft. 11) Start with a high concept and see where the script takes you, spontaneity invokes genius.

11) know your ending. 12) Wing it. 13) Outline 14) Pants it.

15) Write drunk, edit sober. 16) Write sober, edit drunk. 17) Drunk sober, write edit. 18) Don't drive while writing.

19) Don't use names that start with the same letter. 20) Cathy and Katherine are totally fine 21) But, never James and Joachim 22) But Bob and Robert are cool. 23) Just not Sandra and Steven

24) Enter all the contests 25) Contests are crap 26) Query everyone 27) Don't query anyone, unless your script is undeniable

28) There's no such thing as an undeniable script, it's all subject 29) Angents and Managers know what sells, they know undeniable when they see it. 30) You're on your own in this business.

31) screenwriters don't need to do anything but write the best script for the best audience at the best time 32) No one knows what sells. Make your own movies, then you'll get recognition.

33) It's all luck 34) it's all timing 35) it's talent 35) It's who you know 36) it's bullshit 37) it's fate

38) It's you.

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