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Sep 23

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🧵🧵There's been a story about a transgender teacher with excessively large fake boobs going around. At first passing it may seem like a wtf is she doing story, but it's almost certainly not. This story is almost certain fabricated to create outrage. (1/?)

There's nothing about it that is a "smoking gun", but there's lots of red flags. First off, the story originated earlier this month in tabloids such as NYPost. In the following couple of weeks, it has spread virally online and has been featured in countless tabloids... (2/?)

....but it hasn't been featured in any major news source. Not in The Guardian, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the AP. It's only in tabloids that are known for distorting or out right fabricating stories for clicks. (3/?)

The second red flag is that the Canadian school district that this apparently takes place in, while has given a statement, has said it doesn't know who the person is. If it was one of their employees they would say something about talking to employee about attire. (4/?)

Again, while not foolproof, the fact that the District only says they can not identify the photographed person says they're almost certainly not an employee of the District and is another red flag. (5/?)

The above red flags can and should be used for any and all stories. Even if details are given, check for other information. Is there corroborating data or statements that can imply truthfulness, even while protecting identities? The next flags are more about this specific issue.

Red Flag #3: Why would she wear these to begin with? LGBT+ people are often very self conscious and conscious of how they are perceived by others, trans people especially so. We have to be for our own &our siblings' survival. This person should've known thered be controversy(7/?)

This goes into the next red flag, this story is coming out as multiple children's hospitals have received bomb threats or been bombed for helping transgendered kids. This comes out as there's a huge campaign from conservatives against LGBT and especially transgendered people.

This story fits right in with conservative talking points about transgender people at a time when there's a huge operation. I don't think this is coincidental. Additionally some of the earliest people I saw talking about this have usernames that are dogwhistles (8/?)

Dog whistles are terms or phrases that may seem innocuous but to the right person/group can have a huge emotional meaning. One of the people linked into the story has a username of Revenge of the Cis. This dogwhistle implies they want cis people to get revenge. (9/?)

That is equivalent to username Revenge of the straights talking about a story where a gay or bi person is caught in a very damaging story both for that specific person and the larger community. It should immediately make you wonder what the ulterior motive is. (10/?)

All of these combined make me think this story is completely made up as part of a larger hate campaign against transgender people. This comes just after a successful campaign led by @Clara Sorrenti to take down hate site Kiwi Farms. This is not happening in a vacuum.

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