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5 @Ahrefs Tricks To Win at SEO

1️⃣ Using Keywords Explorer to find prime BOFU content opportunities 1. Head over to Keywords Explorer 2. Enter a broad niche keyword like fishing, coffee, etc. 3. Set word filter 'best, for' Perfect opportunities to create converting blog posts.

2️⃣ Find 'easy-win' content to create using the Content Explorer Tool

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💡 How I find 'easy-win' content to create using @Ahrefs Head over to their Content Explorer Tool. Enter your top-level keyword. Change location to 'In title'.

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3️⃣ Rather than using your direct competitors for content ideas. Use popular blogs in your niche. Put them in Site Explorer & click Top Pages. Bingo! Content ideas galore 🚀

4️⃣ Internal link opportunities You know you need to be better at internal links but are not sure how? Run a crawl on Ahrefs and head to the internal link opportunities report. Add them all. And you’ll win.

5️⃣ Fix your broken links This is always the first place I visit when working with a new client. Broken Backlinks Report Over 50% of the time, it's a goldmine of wasted links 🤯

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