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It's good to see Cisneros defending the little guy. After all, American Dirt only sold 700,000 copies in p hardcover according to Bookscan making it a massive hit. Yeah, this is sarcasm.

If you want comparisons: my biggest hit Mexican Gothic sold about 150,000 copies in hardcover. Velvet Was the Night, which made a ton of best of the year lists and was an Obama fave, has Bookscanned a respectable 25,000 copies.

Also, I know for a fact many of the Latino Diversity initiatives that were started due to that controversy were stalled because of COVID. I don't know if they were ever taken up again. Likely not.

And this really is the crux of the issue. No damn book was going to do what Cisneros wanted ('fight against Trumpism'). And all publishing has to do is twiddle their thumbs, wait and everyone will forget about any issues. After all Hispanic Heritage month only runs one month

Honestly, Cisneros blurbing that book was like meh. But her saying the Latinos who complained about the book "haven’t written through their pain to transformation." Um... Maybe because the industry keeps not supporting us you don't see them but they are there.

And they're not just writing Cisneros antiquated notion of 'Latino lit.' She seems to think all we write is memoirs. People write romance, thrillers, horror, sci Fi, fantasy, drama. That they're not given respect is another issue.

Anyway, this interview came out during During Hispanic Heritage month which means I can expect an interview with @Myriam Gurba Serrano and other Latinx/Latino authors in October, right @The New Yorker?

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