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11 tattoos of Virat Kohli: a thread 👇🏻

1) His father's name-Prem Kohli departed from this world right when VK’s career was on the verge of taking a flight. He introduced Virat to cricket and is one of the main reasons for VK’s dedication towards the game. In his memory, he has inked his father's name on his left hand.

2) His mother’s name-After his father departed, his mother was the one who supported him at all times. He showed his love for his mother by inking her name ‘Saroj’ on his upper left arm.

3) Lord Shiva-Virat Kohli is a firm believer in both Lord Shiva and focus. He has inked a tattoo of Lord Shiva meditating on mountains on his left forearm.

4) Tribal tattoo-This tattoo on his right forearm represents one of his key attributes towards the game: aggression.

5) God's eye-Virat feels a deep connection with God through this tattoo on his left should. He believes God is all-seeing and is aware of everything that happens.

6) Om tattoo on his shoulder-Virat believes that the symbol represents spiritualism. He explains that Om is a universal sound and he realizes that he is at this point in his life for a reason, that it’s just not random.

7) ODI cap number-His ODI cap number 175 is inked on his left arm. 8) TEST cap number- His TEST cap number 269 is inked on his upper left hand.

9) Scorpion-Virat Kohli has inked a Scorpio, which is his Zodiac sign, written on his right bicep.

10) Monastery Tattoo On Shoulder- It is a symbol of a place of peace and power.

11) Japanese Samurai-Virat Kohli believes that he gets his strength from this sword inked and has studied self-discipline and self-constraint from Samurai.

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