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Sep 23

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While learning I would also be working on the cloud resume challenge. It’s mainly about hosting a resume site on S3. The steps include 1. Obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. 2. Write a format of your resume in HTML & CSS. Thread 🧵

3. Deploy your resume as a S3 static website using HTTPS and Amazon CloudFront. 4. Point a custom DNS domain name to your CloudFront Distribution. 5. Add a visitor Counter to your website using Javascript. 6. Setup a DynamoDB database to log the visitor counter.

7. Create an API to communicate your javascript code with DynamoDB. 8. Create a Lambda function using Python, triggered by your API Gateway, that reads from the DynamoDB table and updates the visitor counter. Create tests for your Python code as well.

9. Write it all as Infrastructure as Code using SAM. 10. Setup two GitHub repositories, back-end and front-end, for your code and use GitHub actions to automate updates and deployment. 11. Finally create a Blog Post about your challenge.

To learn more about this challenge you can check this out…



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