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Sep 23

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A Gap Open is a Big Headache for Intraday Traders. Nowadays everyday market is opening with big gaps. Solution? Shifting to Stocks! But How to Pick Good Stocks for Tomorrow's Trading? Presenting 11 FREE Screeners to scan Stocks for the Next Trading Day! Thread 🧵 (1/N)

Top 12 Free Screeners for Stock Market Trading

MYFNO - To Know the Stocks Which Received High and Low Open Interest (OI) (2/N)

Shortlist Bullish Momentum Stocks This Screener shortlists all the bullish momentum stocks from NSE for the next day's trading (based on price action).… (3/N)

Screeners Based on Price (ex: Previous Day Breakout, Weekly Breakout, Monthly Breakout, etc.) (4/N)

Volume Shockers - Stocks that received a huge volume… (5/N)

Bearish Momentum Stocks from NSE This screener shortlists all the bearish momentum stocks.… (6/N)

Stocks Based on FII buying. This screener lists all the stocks which received more buying from FIIs… (7/N)

Screeners Based on Many criteria (top gainers, top losers, long buildup, short buildup, etc)… (8/N)

Bullish Stocks For the Next Day This screener shortlists the bullish stocks based on Technical indicators .… (9/N)

Stocks Based on Volume This screener shortlists the stocks based on volume and delivery… (10/N)

15 Mins Breakout Stocks This screener shortlists the stocks rising higher with increasing volumes for the past 3 candles on a 5-minute chart in the intraday chart.… (11/N)

Customize Stock Screener In this screener, traders can customize many parameters to shortlist the stocks.… (12/N)

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