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Sep 23

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I'm @Dr Lucy Martin, Cross-Disciplinary Research Fellow @Systems Biology of Ageing and Disease🏳‍🌈 lab @MRC_HGU. After a physics PhD, I moved into quantitative biomedical research. I work on interdisciplinary projects involving wet lab work, bioinformatics & computational simulation #NPAW2022 #PAWsForThought

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I research glioblastoma, a terminal brain cancer, to try and better understand the effects of radiation therapy on the tumour. #BrainCancer #CancerAwareness

I look at radiation-induced senescence (a state where cells don't divide but they do produce lots of proteins and continue to interact with the cells around them) and how this might impact patient survival. #HealthResearch

Glioblastoma is a cancer of unmet need, meaning that although understanding of this cancer has improved in the last 10 years patient survival times after diagnosis are still short. #Glioblastoma

Hopefully, our research will lead to improved treatments and a better understanding of why tumours recur after treatment. #Treatment

The XDF program @The University of Edinburgh allowed me to take the skills I learned during my physics PhD and apply them to problems in biology while learning new skills and science from experts in the field, which seemed like an unmissable opportunity! #Opportunity

Institute of Genetics and Cancer


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