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Health benefits of EPSOM SALT (Magnesium Sulphate): - Cleans The Skin - Improved Heart Condition - Reduce Stress - Boost Blood Circulation - Moisturises The Body - Relieves Constipation - Helps in Insomnia - Regulates Heart Beats - Helps To Lower Blood Pressure A Thread πŸͺ‘

- Retains Hydration - Treats Post Workout Swelling - Relives Body Pain - Relieves Migraine - Releases Foot Odour - used in management of Seizures (especially in pregnancy - Pre eclampsia). - Eliminates Toxins from the body. - Relieves Muscle soreness.

De-Stress and relax your body: Stress and excess adrenaline can wreak havoc on your body. Both stress and the excess adrenaline that typically accompanies stress can drain your body of essential magnesium.

Relieve pain, inflammation & muscle cramps When Epsom salt is absorbed through ur skin it also works to relieve pain, muscle tension & inflammation in d joints. It is d ideal natural way to help relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis, sports injuries & abdominal cramps

Helps nerves and muscle! function properly Soaking in an Epsom salt bath can help regulate the electrolytes in your body, which is essential in proper functioning of your muscle and newer. Magnesium sulfate also helps to regulate fluid retention in cells.

Eliminates toxins from your body Your skin is highly porous, which means it absorbs all of the harmful substances found in the environment, including pollution, heavy metals and other toxins.

Relieves constipation Epsom salt is a laxative when it is taken internally. It can help to relieve stubborn bowels.

Helps to prevent hardening of the arteries and blood clots Epsom salt helps to relax & de-stress your body which ultimately helps to improve your blood circulation. When blood circulation is functioning properly. It protect the elasticity of arteries,

prevents blood clots & helps to lower BP & improve your cardiovascular health.

Relieves itchy bee stings and bug bite The anti-inflammatory properties found in Epsom salt combined with its exfoliating properties will help to thoroughly clean the area & reduce the inflammation-ultimately relieving the pain and itching.

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