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Sep 23

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You’ve been lied to about being lazy, bored or unmotivated. Stop falling for the symptoms and look at the cause:

You 've been told that boredom, self-boubt and procrastination are separate problems. Bbut they all have the same root: Fear. Let me explain…

You’re not motivated to work your job, But you’re motivated to travel, help others or build a business. So why you don’t do it?

You’re afraid of rejection, hardship, and uncertainty. So you don’t even try. But it’s not being unmotivated, it’s being afraid.

What about boredom? Stop kidding me. With modern technology, nobody is bored anymore. You’re distracted. And what lies behind the distraction?

Fear of being alone with yourself. You indulge in video games, social media and alcohol is because you’re terrified of facing your own thoughts. When you’re at peace with yourself, you’ll never be bored again.

The reason you feel “lazy” is that: You don’t know what you want. You don’t have confidence in the results. You’re afraid of being judged if you fail. Laziness is fear trapping you in comfort.

The bad news: Fear will never leave you. The only way to beat it is to act in spite of it. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge the fear. But don’t let it stop you.

Feel not ready? Do it anyway. Not motivated? Do it anyway. Think it won’t work? Do it anyway. The only way out is through.

You have a right to your actions, not to the result. “When you shoot an arrow, you control the bow & string, but as soon as you shoot, it’s out of your hands” h/t @-武道 The Martial Way- Focus on what you can do today, forget the rest.

I’ve failed many times, so take it from me: You’ll be okay. The worst thing you can do is not trying. Choose to be here, present, and take one step forward every day. You got this.

The best way to practice daily action is by having a a routine. I wrote down the most effective routines that allow you to start your day with energy and optimize your sleep in the evening. You can grab them for FREE

Wake up energized & fall asleep in peace

Clarity Routines

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You’ve been lied to about being lazy, bored or unmotivated. Stop falling for the symptoms and look at the cause:

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