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Sep 23

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So are we just expected to stop doing Speakers Corner? Cos some women say so? Really? You want all these women to loose their platform? To stop speaking But we all know that would never be enough. You want us to organise YOUR way, and the right to dictate how WE do our work. No.

It won't ever be enough. If you give an inch they will take a mile. Don't speak to him, don't say it like that, use our words, you're making us look hateful. JUST STOP. This is the behaviour of trans right activists and the reason why people are leaving the left in droves

This is about diluting our message and excluding the women who speak the truth out of the conversation. That allows the good girls who call him she to speak on our behalf to the powerful. That push 'our debbie' forward to show - we aren't TERFS - look at THEM over there

You couldn't do it any other way so you when to the racism card , which the left plays whenever it loses. You want to frame this as values. alignment - repeating the lies that we are in alliance with far right men. But it's about language and the libertarian/authoritarian split

It's about control - your loss of control. The slip of the mask which shows the behaviours you have exhibited over the years. That of a domestic abuser. You shame women and exclude them. You demand others do the same. You gas light women who point out basic facts.

You play DARVO whenever we push back against you. You make all our mates think we are mad, bad, unsafe. Right wing/fascist adjacent. You muddy the waters so much that bystanders pull back from the movement. What is your aim here? Who do you serve? Is it the movement or your ego?

At the end of the day none of us CAN control the movement, not that we should want to. Transgender fascism has bulldozed through so many groups, caused so much damage that the storm brewing - none of us can stop it. And yes I am scared - we all are, of losing rights either way

You can blame Poise Parker all you like but the right were always going to get involved. There is too much at steak. Women on the left have tried for years to explain the problems to their left wing comrades but they do. not. care. Blinded by their self-righteousness & woman hate

Stay in your lane if you love the left so much. Convince your husbands and sons that women exist, deserving basic respect. But if you can't even convince these men, the ones closet to you, who you share common values with - what hope do you have more broadly?

I've ignored your abusive behaviour and focused on doing my activism. Many have, cos it's just too toxic at the head table. I share you and support your work but the same respect never comes my way. It's never been a two way street

Your platform could have helped us so much. Conversations about trans widows need to be heard. Those voices tell the truth about the men you platform but it's too ugly, too raw and it doesn't make good optics so you pretend they don't exist. Too busy playing 'cool girl'.

You don't want to hurt your trans mates. You don't want to look like a spoil sport. A kink shamer or a prude. So you play along with pronouns and fake ass sympathy for the men who want to wear your skin like a costume.

Accusation can be confessions and I think the conversation you wanted to start is an interesting one - we do need to talk about the dangerous men we allow in the movement. But they aren't at Speakers Corner Sunday. They're on a platform with you, mansplaining womanhood to us

If anybody wants to hear more on this topic we will discuss it tonight on #WombView, discussing the #LesbianStrengh2022 march and #LetWomenSpeak event in Brighton, with those who were present at ground zero. Premier tonight at 8pm (BST)…




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