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Sep 23

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Lemme clear it up for you. Sci-fi is when your currency is called credits, and fantasy is when it's called coin.

omg a hit tweet i have a couple of things i could promote BUT i would really prefer if you could swing by and donate to any of the following 🇵🇷 Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 organizations below as we face a national crisis left behind by Hurricane Fiona:…

Andrew J. Padilla 🇵🇷


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🧵 of trusted Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 orgs to donate to post #HurricaneFiona

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Please Help‼❤✨…

Hi guys i’m asking for your help i'm 17yo and I live alone in a small apartment since my step mother kicked me out of the house. i was doing fine beacause my father used to send me money behind her back and now she found out and all the support stopped-…

my name is Alisson i'm a 17yo girl and times are getting very hard for me, My step mother kicked me out of the house, i moved to an apartment but i have no job and no money for food or rent…

Help me pay for food and rent

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Please also help if you can✨♥️‼️…

Hello everyone, I decided to create a fundraiser to move away from abusive Neighbors. I’m tired because Hates on blacks transgender is rapidly growing. Pls donate and RT. Every little amounts count. Thanks

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