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Sep 23

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Last night, on my way home having just finished a 12-hour shift, I was confronted by a group of right-wing Redbridge Labour councillors, some of whom had previously falsified malicious complaints against me.

One of the individuals started to verbally abuse and harass me while I was alone in a car park, so I thought it best to leave immediately, after defending myself by explaining that I refused to be bullied or intimidated.

As I made my way to my car, the abusive councillor summoned more councillors to join him. It became apparent that they had concocted a plan, which involved calling enforcement officers and fabricating false claims against me.

The shocking revelations contained in last night's #LabourFiles documentary are a sad reality for hundreds of thousands of members like me, and the series shines a light on the abuse, challenges, and corruption, that left-wing activists are up against on a daily basis.

The level some of these individuals resort to for the sake of political gains is despicable. They should be in prison not in the council chamber!

Syed Siddiqi 🌷


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