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Neil Lewis, Jr., PhD


Sep 23

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A few sections that stood out in this piece: "These experiences exemplify what can happen when colleges hire Black faculty without confronting systemic inequities: New faculty members find themselves isolated, undermined, and gaslit."

The Chronicle of Higher Education


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From the Review: Scholars of color face pressures that remain mostly invisible to their white colleagues.

Too many find themselves disenfranchised, exhausted, and isolated.

Why Faculty of Color Are Leaving Academe

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"It can be tempting, for scholars on the tenure track, to invest their hopes in the future...But faculty of color who run the gantlet to earn tenure often find the achievement underwhelming..Pushing for institutional change now feels like a waste of her precious time and energy."

"Many faculty of color also struggle with the idea of leaving an institution that they fought so hard to enter. 'You came through a certain kind of hazing...where you were told that the work you wanted to do didn’t matter...if you made it to the tenure track, that is a rarity.'”

"...the institution prioritized student success over faculty well-being. 'I’m getting these students across the finish line...but when I’m sitting here stagnant and exploited, it starts making me think...I’m encouraging them, but I wonder how I can encourage myself.'”

"...leaving a bad job in academe for a better job elsewhere sends an empowering message to her students. 'While you want your students to have representation,' she says, 'you don’t want to encourage the expectation that just because you’re Black you’ll be treated like dirt.'”

Neil Lewis, Jr., PhD


Assistant Prof @Cornell & @WeillCornell researching the equity implications of social interventions and policies. Member @commhsp. 📝 @FiveThirtyEight. (he/him)

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