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šŸ§µWashington spends over $80 billion/year on surveillance and intelligence-gathering. The scope of the intelligence community's work is so vast that not even presidents fully understand it. Yet every time the CIA is tipped off to a legitimate threat, nothing is done...

Such was the case in 2009 with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (otherwise known as the "Underwear Bomber"). Even more seriously, in 2002 the 9/11 Commission concluded that numerous failures inside the CIA & FBI actually allowed the September 11th attacks to happen...

The reason for the intelligence community's lack of responsiveness to national security threats is simple: The Deep State has become a purely political weapon that would rather persecute its ideological enemies in America than protect us from actual enemies elsewhere.

Recent years have seen much of this, as Joe Biden and former CIA directors have called millions of Americans "dangerous," "contemptible," and even "violent."

The Regime is turning the War on Terror inward. Libertarians cannot ignore this. After all, we are their enemy too... Whether we agree politically with other Americans being persecuted is irrelevant.

They are our countrymen, and ours is the only philosophy capable of forever unshackling the American people (right, left, and center) from the yoke of the Regime occupying their homelandā€¦

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