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For a vegetarian protein sources are limited, therefore good quality cheese is great for healthy fat + animal protein. They may be exp, but look at as an investment. My favorites A 🧵

Parmesan : 100g has 35g P & 29g F. Great for grate & sprinkle over veggies, in soups or on grilled meat.

Swiss : 100g has 28g P & 30g F Great for salads, naked burgers with lettuce wraps and cheese dips with veggies.

Edam: 100g has 28g P & 29g F. Grill with veggies and meat. Slice and use with warm salads. Or as a side with soups.

Mozzarella: 100g has 26g P & 22g F. My personal favorite. Slice with tomatoes and cucumbers or just eat as is.

Halloumi: 100g has 21g P & 17g F. You can pan fry grill with veggies & it's yummy. Top it on a salad.

Feta: 100g has 17g P & 22g F. Great with tomatoes and cucumbers as a cold salad. It pairs very well with some watermelon and greens too

Ricotta: 100g has 10g P & 8g F. Smear on toasted veggies, meats and boiled eggs.

Bocconcini: 100g has 18g P & 20g F. My 2nd favorite, eat as is or with salads.

Note: Cheese comes with protein and fat. While it has great satiety, it's easy to overeat. Its great therefore to pair with meats or as a snack with veggies. I would recommend to stick to 100 grams if one is trying to lose weight. Also pair with carbs & it's a weight gain food🙂

On LC diets, we can use cheese everyday as it's healthy, animal based and we don't worry about energy density as it's paired with meats/eggs/protein.

If you found this useful, RT the first tweet and enjoy. I repeat, if you are on a high carb diet, this may not an option for you. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️



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