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Wow, a 99% audience review on Rotten Tomatoes? That’s unheard of. Rotten Tomatoes is actually manufacturing fake reviews for the Woman King movie to give it a higher rating, and I’ll show you.

The profile claims to have 99% audience score, and over 2,500 verified reviews The only problems is that they’re all short, posted soon after one another, and don’t talk much about the content of the movie, rather how much of a YAS SLAY QWEEN Viola Davis is

The only recent movie to have a 99% audience score is Top Gun, which anecdotally everyone knows people IRL that saw and loved. Not even Jordan Peele’s Nope did do that well with audiences. So a 99% audience score for Woman King? Do you know anyone who saw it IRL and liked it?

Let’s check some of the other review sites: IMDB? 6.1/10 with 9.1k reviews These reviews seem more authentic since they actually talk about the content of the film

Metacritic? Oof, 2.6/10 with 221 user reviews My favorite part of this one is how they hide all the negative reviews below the only two good ones it got Also check out the contrast between the critic reviews and the audience score. Night and day.

So are the Rotten Tomatoes “verified reviews” manufactured? Almost certainly. Which is sad because it shreds whatever little credibility that RT had over a heavy-handed black panther knockoff You’d think they’d save their political capital for something more substantial?

But no, Hollywood and their lackeys in the media go back to the ole tried and true playlist of making a diversity inclusive movie, pushing it super hard, and then crying racism when it flops. It might have worked once or twice, but I think most people have had it.

Just think about how people raved over Top Gun, the first actual really good film in a long time, vs all the other drivel that has come out lately And be prepared for more. The Little Mermaid is up next.

As for me, I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to, but I’ll make up my mind about the actual rating of the movie when I see the official breakdown on @granite⛰’s movie club




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