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Sep 23

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The dirty game to oust congress from power was hatched by bjp in as early as 2012 ,first pawn was sanghi anna Hazare & his fake IAC movement then came vinod Rai on the stage & as CAG chairman he charged Congress led UPA with 2G scam ,simultaneously bjp purchased the mainstream

Media & then began the allround assault on UPA 2 govt & Mr modi as Gujarat CM was presented as a role model CM who has every quality & credentials to lead the country & result was NDA came to power in 2014 . In the initial two years modi govt in a planned way starting placing

Their own people with sanghi background at all important institutions.Next came demonetisation & it's main motive was to financially weaken the opposition parties specially congress , bjp also started the fake propoganda of fake nationalism & jingoism 6 months after

Demonetisation was announced bjp govt hurriedly implemented flawed gst ! The large unorganised sector already reeling from demonetisation bomb was almost destroyed leading to massive job losses, shrinking job opportunities. Bjp knew it will not be easy to win 2019 elections &

Suddenly came pulwama & then surgical strikes & as per plans voters forgot their economic hardships & re elected Mr 56" lal ankh. All these years bjp spent crores of rupees to damage the image of @Rahul Gandhi projecting him as a non serious politician ,his videos were edited &

Facebook, WhatsApp were flooded with misinformation about congress & it's leaders ,voters blindly believed in these fake propoganda without even cross checking! Bjp used it's money power to destabilize elected state govt's of congress in many states media instead of condemning it

Hailed it as " Chanakya Neeti" Bjp pursued it's policy of helping crony friends by bending rules for them & selling govt assets like airports, ports & highways + other PSUs . Then came out of syllabus Covid & Modi govt's inefficiency was once again exposed.Bjp kept on purchasing

Congress leaders to further weaken them . I would also add in here the role of regional parties ( B teams ) which were propped up in various states to divide anti bjp votes & assuring bjp victory. When all options failed congress even though considerably weakened finally stood up

Not only to unite the country & it's people but also expose the govt & bharat jodo padyatra was planned & is taking place right now . Remember this is the last chance for the people of this country to introspect & realise what happening to their lives & who is responsible! This

Padyatra is not only uniting the people but giving hope to crores of people who are now suffering severe economic crisis . This padyatra will also boast the morale of congress workers across India bjp & modi are experiencing their worst crisis & will be voted out in next

General elections.Save this tweet!



I am a businessman indian, firm believer in god with roots in rajasthan. Retweets are not endorsements.Abusers will be blocked. staunch congressi.

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