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Sep 23

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It makes me sick to read Russians saying: oh, how could my son go to war? He has a pregnant wife, and mortage." You fuckers didn't care when fathers of three or four children, went to protect Ukraine and died. You didn't care about kids from Mariupol, who were taken to Russia.. 1

You weren't crying en masse, when your professional soldiers were raping, killing, castrating in Ukraine. Instead you were creating idiotic legends that someone staged all that to make you country look bad. Now you see how your country looks like. 2.

You fucking don't care about the fact that Putin occupies our lands to give you a reason to nuke us. You fucking think you own our land. So now I am fine that not only us will be dying for it. Sorry. I am just pissed.

It tells a lot about our countries. As after Russian full scale invasion thousands of Ukrainians returned to protect Ukraine from the mighty enemy. In the first two days after the mobilization announcement thousands of Russians stood in lines to flee Russia.

For the rest of our life we will be broken mentally by this war. But we will continue fighting, because we don't want to be like yoy

Forgot to add to this 🧵. I keep hearing we shouldn't push Russians away. But I think we owe nothing to them. The moment long gone. End.

Nika Melkozerova


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