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Decided to take a look back through the past planner interfaces as the site developed over time #FPL

The very initial release of the planner toolset was in December 2018 It started out as basically an online spreadsheet- and had been my own first experience at developing any form of interface. Certainly a steep learning curve😅 Autosubs estimated on a button click back then!

Clearly some polish was needed, and eventually a pitch interface was introduced in August 2019 In some ways this was pretty fun and very different style, intended to resemble a clubs team sheet announcement. In other ways it may have induced some epileptic fits...

By December 2019 it landed on a slightly more scaled back design. This was more or less how it stayed for ~2 years afterwards when focus reverted to data, solver and backend upgrades The colour bar changed from red->green, to red->blue for colour blind users

The next big development came in March 2022. More or less all the legacy front-end was scrapped and the page was rebuilt to allow for savable drafts and a sleeker design This format is likely here to stay for a good while, with minor additions likely here and there

I like to think that things have improved over time (I'm sure other opinions exist however!), nonetheless fun to look back on how things started out Probably a good time to remind people that this is a one-man project run in spare hours

FPL Review


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