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Sep 23

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🧵THREAD: 9 things you should know about the proposed anti-trans VDOE model policies. First, these policies are NOT about privacy, dignity, or respect. They are rooted in transphobia & seek to further harm trans and nonbinary kids.

water-colored background with trans flag colors of azure blue, light pink, and white with the following text in all-cap: 9 things you should know (in red) about the proposed anti-trans VDOE model policies (in black)

2️⃣ The proposed policies seek to erase trans and nonbinary youth from the classroom. They create a hostile and potentially dangerous school environment.

3️⃣ They require teachers and school staff to forcibly "out" students to their parents against their will in some circumstances, such as where a student seeks counseling.

4️⃣ They prohibit teachers and school staff from supporting trans & nonbinary students, such as using a student's affirming name & pronouns.

5️⃣ They create bathroom and sports policies that prohibit access and/or participation in activities consistent with their gender identity.

6️⃣ While alarming, the proposed model policies ARE NOT IN EFFECT! They must go through a 30-day public comment period before they may be implemented.

7️⃣ The comment period will begin 9/26 and end 10/26. The most important first step is to have an overwhelming number of opposition voices be heard.

8️⃣ Tell the VDOE: These policies are contrary to state law and will be extremely harmful to trans and nonbinary kids.

9️⃣ To trans and nonbinary youth: ✊Know that you are NOT alone. 🌈You are LOVED. 🏳️‍⚧️You BELONG in our community.

ACLU of Virginia


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