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Jussi Halla-aho


Sep 23

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1/4 If Russia wanted to stop people from leaving the country, it could easily do that. Any idea why it does not? If those who want to get out are genuinely anti-war, anti-mobilization or anti-regime, they would only cause trouble at home. It is better to get rid them.

2/4 If some dozens of thousands of troublemakers flee, there will still be millions of those who are too poor to travel or too phlegmatic to resist. They are more suitable as cannon-fodder than some educated big-city hipsters.

3/4 Those who go are most likely ok with the war itself, they just do not want to be personally part of it. Abroad, they are an asset for a Russia that is ever eager to protect its subjects wherever they are.

4/4 To allow Russians into Europe in this situation is to help Mr Putin solve his problems and to cause short and long term problems for ourselves.

Jussi Halla-aho


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