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Sep 22

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Extremely tempted to bid on Betty White's nun doll.…

Extremely tempted to bid on Betty White's nun doll.…

1,646 Random Things From Betty White's Life Are For Sale, And Here Are 45 Of The Most Random Things

Julien's Auctions is holding a huuuge Betty White auction Sept. 23–25 in Beverly Hills. We're talking everything from her dining room table to her 2000 Cadillac Seville. (You can actually check everything out in Beverly Hills during the three-day event.)

You can see/bid on everything on the website, but if you don't feel like scrolling through more than 1,600 items, I've compiled 45 of the most random, coolest things.

Betty White's nun doll:

Betty White's Betty White oil painting:

Betty White's wedding ring:

Betty White had some dope chairs:

Betty White also had an abundance of pet paraphernalia:

Betty White's fortune cookie brooch:

Betty White's framed picture with Bill Clinton:

Check out every single auction here:…



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