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Will @Llamaverse become the first utility-based project to become completely independent ? Let's take a deep dive into their ecosystem. A thread 1/14🧵

What is Llamaverse ? Llamaverse was created by @NFTLlama a long time ago, it was one of the first alpha groups in the space. As time went by, this alpha group gave birth to a project, then a second one, to finally become one of the most extensive ecosystems in space. 2/14🧵

To begin with, I would like to say that I was never attracted to Llamaverse before this bear market. But I am forced to say that it is probably one of the ecosystems that has brought the most to its members during the last months. 3/14🧵

When I ask about a utility-based project, I mean a project where an important part of the value is due to the concrete benefits it brings to the holders. By "completely independent" I am describing a project that does not need any other structure to provide its utilities. 4/14🧵

Llamaverse has therefore built its ecosystem little by little, gradually adding new perks to its universe. Let's see the main ones and by what means they are provided to the holders. 5/14🧵

1/ Alpha Hub Llamas provide, as many projects do, an alpha hub that consists of calls ranging from crypto, to plays on OS and more. Their new alpha team is particularly good (s/o to @n3_xt) and doesn't depend on a partnership with another project. 6/14🧵

2/ Marketplace The Llamaverse marketplace allows holders to buy WL, physical items, web2 discounts and more using $SPIT. Although some of the products offered are from collabs, the marketplace is developed and owned by Llamaverse. 7/14🧵

3/ Tools Most of the current tools to which Llama holders have access are partnerships (AS, ApeChef) which makes them dependent. But they are currently developing @WhitelistPing and @Gosu.Tools (analytics) which could make Llama completely independent in this area. 8/14🧵

4/ Network platform Recently, Llamaverse has developed its own networking platform allowing their hoders to connect with each other on both the Web3 and Web2 level. This platform is entirely provided by LlamaLabs, yet another area where this ecosystem is independent. 9/14🧵

5/ Gamification @NuCyber (Previously Llamascape) is a gaming/metaverse platform that is creating a real universe that will include the Llamas and other ecosystems. Although this project is powered by Gridcraft, it is entirely developed by LlamaLabs which makes it an autonomous structure. 10/14🧵

There are many other uses in this ecosystem but I have selected the ones that seem to me to be the main ones. Regarding all this, we can say that in addition to being one of the most useful ecosystems today, LlamaLabs tends to be very independent. 11/14🧵

In my opinion, this is one of the essential features that will help bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 as it will allow more freedom. So far I believe LlamaLabs is the closest utility-based structure to this independence/autonomy. 12/14🧵

There are projects like @KaijuKingz that have created their own ecosystem but I don't put them in the same category. Also, I want to clarify that I don't hold a Llama but I plan to buy one in the next few days, so please don't blow up this tweet. 13/14🧵

Thanks for reading this far, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this so feel free to post them below. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I would be happy to discuss it with anyone. 14/14🧵

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