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One alternative to discerning “truth” other than rationally analyzing truth claims, and perhaps and even better method, is to examine fruit. What is produced in the lives of those who adhere specified beliefs/doctrines/spiritualities/practices/religions/ideologies/denominations.

2/ At some point in my spiritual journey I realized that the most heroic people, those I most wanted to be like, those whose characteristics were most exemplary, were the Christian Saints.

3/ So the obvious questions for me were: what did they believe? What foundation was their character built on? What practices did they engage in? What path did they follow?

4/ The Saints are the proof for me of the veracity and validity of the Orthodox Christian Faith. But the seal on that conclusion is the realization that to the degree that I follow this same path my life has shown the same fruit.

5/ The fact that I am not a Saint is in no way an indictment on the Orthodox way. All one has to do is examine my life and realize that I really do not submit myself to the teachings of Christ.

6/ Alas, even at 56 and as a seminary trained priest and pastor I am at best a half-assed Christian. My wife and kids can verify that for you!

7/ But even as a poor example, I can by God’s grace extend to you the invitation as it was once extended to me. Come and see!

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Your life and every life matters!


Orthodox Priest/Husband/Father/retired cop “Love your neighbor as yourself.” #religionisinevitable

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